The Right, the Left and the media

journalist-985075_640Every mainstream media analysis and opinion poll is virulently pro-Left and anti-Right.
In 2014 they said it was impossible for the Right (Modi) to get 272+ seats.
Failed prediction.
In 2015 they said the Right (Netanyahu) would lose.
Failed prediction.
In 2015 they said the Right (Cameron) would see a hopelessly hung Parliament or the Left (Labour) would inch ahead.
Failed prediction.
In 2016 they said the Right-leaning Brexit couldn’t happen.
Failed prediction.
In 2016 they said the Right (Trump) couldn’t win, some put his chances at below 1%!
Super failed prediction.
They got Macron right, but then mainland Europe heavily leans Left and you can’t get them wrong all the time!
Basically they see the chances of the Left and add 5-10% to that randomly and predict accordingly in order to influence the outcome.
That is why the mainstream media is dying.

Qatar has the most powerful Arab media house: Al Jazeera.
And yet it finds itself totally isolated in the Arab world.
Another example of how media has become a paper tiger.

Old media saying…
There is no Freedom of the Press in India.
There is only Freedom of the Proprietors of the Press.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

Totally Left behind now

In 1990 Liberals cheered the victory of a sexual predator for the White House.
In 2016 they are frothing at the mouth as the same guy can’t enter again via his crooked wife.

The Republicans are in the strongest position they have been since 1928 and the American media told you they were on the verge of collapse.

The Cyberspace Freedom of Speech Rule.
A Leftist may abuse and abuse and abuse and stay.
A Rightist may criticize and be suspended.

Liberals International.
UK-Labour—Spiritual fountainhead.
US-Democrats—Financial fountainhead.
India-Congress-Commies—Just sponges off both.

Left: We worship Mao and Stalin who were good killers while Right follows Hitler who was a bad killer.
Right: But we haven’t even spoken yet.
Left: Good, keep it that way!

The worshippers of Mao and Stalin (who together killed more that 100 million) are no longer in charge of the world.
#Modi #Brexit #Trump

#Congress #Labour #Democrats
Leftist parties finally getting uniformly thrashed all over the world.
Liberals-NGOs funding drying up.

After making a whopping $80 billion solely off Capitalism, Bill Gates says that Capitalism isn’t working and we need Socialism.

Elliot Carver.
Tomorrow Never Dies—1997.
Every media mogul’s ultimate ideal.
Only they fall flat on their faces.
#TrumpWin #Brexit #ModiWave

Liberal arrogance + Left’s overconfidence + Media manipulation…
…may have actually led to Modi landslide + Brexit + Trump win.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

Trump is here for 4 years. Deal with it.

When it was said ____ would win, you were laughing.
You’re not laughing now, are you?
#Farage #Brexit #Trump #Modi

Democrats and media instead of reforming and rebuilding, will attack Trump 24X7 for the next four years, thereby digging their own graves.

Why pollsters couldn’t predict Trump/Brexit…
1. Dishonesty.
2. Bias.
3. Supporters clobbered into silence by liberals and media.

Some are still peddling that the best of America voted for Hillary and the worst for Trump.
It’s as if #Wikileaks #SyriaWar #ClintonScams #Benghazi #WeinerGate #DNCLeaks #Podesta and dozens of other controversies simply never happened!

American voters have chosen a Republican White House, Senate and House.
#Hillbullies will bring down the Democratic vote even further.

Under Obama, gun sales, gun violence, racial intolerance, Middle East instability, illegal immigration skyrocketed.
Media too busy attacking Trump.

Many won’t get this now.
But Obama will be remembered as the man who totally destroyed the Democratic Party.

Leaders hated Trump.
Voters loved Trump.
Leaders backed Hillary.
Voters backed Sanders.
Moral: Always listen to the voters.

Sanders and Hillary supporters attacked Trump supporters.
#Hillbullies on rampage.
Verdict—Trump is violent bigoted Hitler!

Violence against Trump supporters.
They asked for it!
Didn’t vote for Hillary.
Racist! Misogynist! Bigot!
Keep it up Liberals.
That’s how Trump will win 2020.

All the US Presidents elected in the 20th/21st Century have been 5″9′ and above.
Trump is 6″3′.
Hillary never had a chance.

When a sexual predator could enter the White House in 1991, just about anybody could be President after that.

If 90 million vote for Candidate A, 10 million for Candidate B—10 million still have power to riot and protest.
#Hillbullies have lost it.

The Obama effect.
2017 will see a Republican White House, Senate and House of Congress.
Plus a whopping 35/50 will be Republican Governors.

Hillary backers: We couldn’t prevent a Hitler from coming to power.
Trump backers: We denied the most corrupt politician in history a win.

Hillary supporters are citing white rage, misogyny, racism, bigotry, Putin, WikiLeaks, Electoral College…
But the core issue is still being ignored.
Her colossal and unprecedented corruption.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

Yet more “Communism is dead” musings…

Born in 1848.
Died in 1991.
What is present today should be called ‪#‎ZombieCommunism‬.

Communism is a Political Ponzi Scheme which enriches the leaders propagating it and impoverishes the common passes participating in the scheme.

There are three types of people in this world…
1. Capitalists.
2. Capitalist-hypocrites calling themselves communists.
3. Capitalist-hypocrites calling themselves socialists.

By ideology we are either socialists or communists or whatever.
But by lifestyle we are all capitalists.
Each and every one of us.

Academic institutions.
Social media owners.
All have a Leftist slant.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

The truth about the industry of the Left…

CPI-CPM = Left.

AISA-AISF = Left Academy.

Congress = Left Lite.

TMC = Left Ultra.

Media = Left News.

#AdarshLiberal = Left Liberal.

Naxalite = Left Terrorist.

Maoist = Left Terrorist.

Lutyens’ Delhi = Left Delhi.

Intellectual = Left Word.

Secular = Left Religion.

Freedom of Speech = Freedom of Left.

Troll = Opponent of Left.

Jawaharlal Nehru University = Karl Marx University.

Extreme violence by Left = Mr India (Nobody can see it).

© Sunil Rajguru

Communism and JNU musings…

Communism promises 100% and delivers 0%.
Capitalism promises 50% and delivers 25%.

We produce political leaders.
We conduct political rallies.
We shout slogans.
We take on the Right Wing.
We rage.
And studying? What’s that? LOL!

Marx 1848.
Lenin 1917.
Mao 1948.
Basu 1977.
Mamata 2010.
Kejri 2013.
Kanhaiya 2016.
Communism can fool you and fool you and fool you…

Idea of Dynasty.
Idea of Sonia.
Idea of Pappu.
Idea of Communism.
Idea of Naxalism.
Idea of anti-Indianism.
Anything but Idea of India.

Jaitley-Gadkari are ex-ABVP.
1000 times greater chance that ABVP will produce PM than AISF.
So give 1000 times more coverage to Kanhaiya!

The Intolerance Trilogy…
2014: Fellowship of Intolerance. (Post LS polls)
2015: Two Towers of Intolerance. (Delhi & Bihar polls)
2016: Return of Intolerance. (Multi-State polls)

Advani will stop him!
Result: Margdarshak Mandal.
Kejri will stop him!
Result: 4/543.
Hardik will stop him!
Result: Jailed indefinitely.
Kanhaiya will stop him!
Result: Coming soon.

Congress versus CPM.
The ultimate Battle of the Losers.

Chautala took bail for one thing and then started campaigning in polls.
Bail cancelled.
Will same thing now happen to Kanhaiya?

1. Do politics instead of studying.
2. Practise destructive Communism.
3. Organize anti-India event.
4. Get arrested.
Become national hero!!!

These versions by Sunil Rajguru