A Brief History of Indian Civil Aviation …

<1953>. JRD says Tata to Air India.

East-West goes South.

ModiLuft fails to Lift.

Passengers enter Jet age.

Sahara “Lite”ns up.

Paramount Amounts to Naught.

Kingfisher-Air Deccan go Red.

SpiceJet still has Spice…

GoAir & Indigo: How far will you Go?

Hawa (Air) main abhi bhi Bharat (India). <2011>

© Sunil Rajguru

Overheard by a media house…

SR: Vijaysahab, main Sahara dene ke liye tayar hu, Maal leke jaana!

VM: Jai Sahara!

SR: Lucknow aa rahe ho, par JetLite se katai nahin aana.

VM: Main Red main aa raha hu!

SR (apne aap se): Dhakkan!

VM: To Kingfisher bach gaya!

SR: Arre main to Racing waala Formula ki baat kar raha tha, Flying ka nahin!

VM: Kya??? Sab Maya hai… Ab main is udan khatola sena ka kya karunga…

(News Source: But we already flashed that Sahara is bailing them out…
Reply: Move on yaar, who really cares anyway!)

This version by Sunil Rajguru

News in Limericks 5

There was this leader from Italy,
Who was known for many a Bunga Bunga party,
Sex scams, court cases and wiretaps his premiership surrounded,
Sexism, gay bashing, Nazi barbs and the like abounded,
But in the end he was ousted over the economy.

There was this airline curse from India,
That first rendered an ineffective Air India,
East-West, ModiLuft, Vayudoot, Paramount & Co just shut down,
Air Deccan and Sahara got eaten, while Jet’s wearing a perpetual frown,
Aur ab Kingfisher bhi red main chala gaya.

There was this team from Aussie land,
That fell like an infamous Sidhu cycle stand,
A wicket fell, then the other, then another and another…
and another and another and another and another…
…and now their championship lies firmly in wonderland.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

How India’s Red Baron operates…

Worker: Sahab, woh petrol to airlines ke liye hain!
Business Tycoon: Koi baat nahin, F1 main daal do.

Worker: Sahab, woh paisa to airlines ke liye hain!
Tycoon: Koi baat nahin, IPL pe udaa do.

Moral of the story: When you’re on a high, then the world looks totally different.
Handling that same world during a hangover is a different matter altogether.

P.S. Also overheard…

Retired Captain: Mere dhakkan main kya burai thi? Sasta tha par theek thaak udtaa to tha. Uspe laal rang thopoge to ye sab to hona hi tha na!
Tycoon: Ye laal rang kab mujhe chhodega…
Worker: Ab to peena band karo!

© Sunil Rajguru

Current political musings…

Tangled up in notes
I’m sending you a note.
Note a good idea.
But it’s led to a loss of crores of currency notes!
You ‘note’y boy!

US: What would I do without you?
Pak: But you never had me!
US: Then let’s divorce!
Pak: But you’ll still have to pay me alimony!

The curious case of the liquor baron
Wanted to launch an airline, but didn’t.
Saw his poor neighbour do the same.
Pestered him to sell out.
On failing, launched an airline himself.
Finally managed to take over neighbour’s above mentioned airline.
Curiously renamed it “Red”, a financially inauspicious term.
Shut down Red.
Turbulence in the air.
Turbulence on the ground.
Turbulence in the head.
And Red’s gonna to be dead.

Motto: Don’t gimme Red!

This version by Sunil Rajguru