India sinking…

The UPA should be renamed Gravity.
It pulls everything down.

Father of the Nation = Narasimha Rao.
Godmother of the Nation = She Who Must Not Be Named.

Facebook to India: I’m also in the 100 Crore People Club
Ranbir to Khans: I’m also in the Rs 100 Crore Club.
$ to £: I’ll also be in Rs 100 Club soon!

Sitting in an auto looking at the rigged meter going up like crazy reminds you of the rate of Rupee, Petrol, Onion prices etc going up crazily too.

When Rupee touches 100 versus Dollar, we can switch to Cents.
Then it’ll be 1 Cent = 1 Rupee.
Oh wait, already roughly…
1 Penny = 1 Rupee.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

State of the nation in numbers…

Q: What’s common to Manmohan Singh and onions?
A: Both are 80. Both make you cry!

By a quirk of fate, India, Sonia and Rupee are all 66.

All Indian PMs have been older than India.
(They were born before Independence)
Modi could break this record.
P.S. Pappu is just older than Bangladesh.

Modi, 62.
Sonia, 66.
India, 66.
Rupee, 66.
Petrol, 76.
Onion, 80.
MMS, 80.
LKA, 85.
Sirf Pappu jawan hai!

True story.
Write a status message about the value of the Rupee (versus the dollar).
By the time you post it, the Rupee’s gone up again!

Rupee trolling and trailing Petrol saying…
Akele akele kahaan jaa rahe ho,
Hame saath le lo jahaan jaa rahe ho…

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

Indian economy gaya tel lene…

India is in a State of Poverty and I don’t Mind: Pappu.

Experts have finally found the root cause of the current economic crisis.
It’s been traced to 22 May, 2004.
(Irrelevant fact: Manmohan Singh took oath of office on 22 May, 2004)

Chidu’s 10-point plan to revive economy: 1. Fiscal deficit. 2. Forex. 3. PSU banks. 4. Exports. 5. Manufacturing. 6. CAD. 7. CCI. 8. Capex. 9. Monsoon benefits. 10. Impasses.
Citizen’s 1-point plan to UPA to revive economy: 1. Quit.

Indian Rupee sat on a wall,
Indian Rupee had a great fall.
All the queen’s chamchas and all the PM’s men
Couldn’t put Indian Rupee together again.

Terrorists had come for a chota mota blast.
Vadra is a chota mota farmer.
It’s a chota mota scam.
Manmohan is a chota mota economist.

Expert: The Indian economy is a Tiger!
Citizen: Save the Tiger!

These versions by Sunil Rajguru