Modi’s electoral success set to surpass even Nehru and Indira

borders-2099205_1280Modi’s electoral performance in terms of size of electorate (population) where the BJP was in power or the opposition or at least had an outside chance to win…

1. Lok Sabha 2014 — Won.

2. Uttar Pradesh 2017 — Won.

3. Maharashtra 2014 — Won.

4. Bihar 2015 — Lost but converted to “Won” in 2017.

5. Madhya Pradesh 2013 — Won.

6. Rajasthan 2013 — Won.

7. Gujarat 2017 — Won.

8. Gujarat 2012 — Won.

9. Gujarat 2007 — Won.

10. Gujarat 2002 — Won.

11. Jharkhand 2014 — Won.

12. Assam 2016 — Won.

13. Chhattisgarh 2013 — Won.

14. Haryana 2014 — Won.

15. J&K 2014 — Won.

16. Uttarakhand 2017 — Won.

17. Himachal Pradesh 2017 — Won.

18. Manipur  2017 — Won by default.

19. Goa 2017 — Won by default.

20. The biggest defeat of his career and his absolute annihilation is Delhi. Kejriwal got a whopping 67/70 seats. But here’s the thing. Delhi is the 30th largest province of India by population and the Chief Minister there is a glorified mayor.

parliament-2028311_640Note: BJP has no presence in States like Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and Kerala and is a junior partner in States like Andhra Pradesh and Punjab. But even that is changing.

Curious for a man who has won almost all his biggest challenges and lost some of his smaller ones is always on test for the mainstream media for his abilities and he will still be attacked in 2019.

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Ai dil hai mushkil vote karna yahaan

In India every political party is as bad as the other.

The theme song for voting in India…

Please read to the tune of Ai Dil Hai Mushkil Jeena Yahan from the Bollywood film C.I.D.

Ai dil hai mushkil vote karna yahaan,
Zara caste dekh ke, zara wave dekh ke,
Ye hai India meri jaan.

Kahin corruption, kahin criminals, kahin dynasty, kahin sleaze,
Milta hai yahaan sab tarah ka scam, ik milata nahin candidate clean,
Insaaf ka nahin, kahin naam-o-nishaan.

Kahin political satta, kahin outrageous fatta, kahin chori, kahin criminal case,
Kahin daaka, kahin phaanka, kahin thokar, kahin loss of face,
Bekaaro ke hain, kai kaam yahaan.

Criminal ko candidate pukka yahaan kehate hans hans,
Khud kaate gale sab ke, kahe is ko politics,
Ik cheez ke hain kai naam yahaan.

Bura India jo hai kehata, aisa bhola tu na ban,
Jo jaise vote karta, waise sarkar paata, ye jahaan ka hai chalan,
Tadabeer nahin mil ne ki yahaan,
Suno voter, suno candidate,
Ye hai India meri jaan…

(Original Song: Ai dil hai mushkil jeena yahaan.
Film: C.I.D.
Year: 1956)

This spoof by Sunil Rajguru

Random poll musings…

∙ Nowadays there are a lot of quota-ble quotes in the election speeches.

∙ In politics first there were wheels within wheels.
Nowadays there are quotas within quotas.

Q: What’s the first thing you’ll do if you come to power in UP?
A: Make sure that the covers never come off Maya’s statues!

∙ PM: Actually I’m more worried about malnutrition in FDI.

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