Those who don’t have it, shut up. Those who have it, complain the most.

poor-2382641_640In India, there are people with absolutely no access to media or freedom of speech and expression.

Then there are people who have access to newspapers but no TV.

Then there are those who have access to TV but no Internet.

At the top of the pyramid you will find citizens of cyberspace who rant against every topic under the sun and have access to all the information which those at the bottom can only dream of. Yet it is this group of people which will shout the loudest that their freedom of speech and expression is at stake and vital information is shortcoming.

Into ten if you are a celebrity in cyberspace.

© Sunil Rajguru

Modi Freedom of Speech musings…

Fact 1: The media is petrified of Sonia.
Fact 2: The media has attacked Modi a million times.
Analysis: The Freedom of Speech that flourished under Sonia has vanished under Modi.

People have simply stopped listening to the Delhi elite. Their explanation: It’s a loss of Freedom of Speech!
‪#‎DelhiDurbar‬ ‪#‎ModiSarkar‬

Any Khan movie will make Rs 100 crores.
Any Modi election campaign will result in victory.

Pakistan names a cyclone.
That cyclone to hit Gujarat.

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