Section 66A musings…

∙ Tomlinson invented e-mail.
Chandrababu Naidu popularized e-governance.
Congress invented e-mergency.

Pachaas kos door shahar main jab bachcha raat ko Facebook karta hai, to maa kahti hai beta so ja… so ja nahi to policewallah Section 66A leke aa jaayega…

∙ Criminal 1: How did your life in crime begin?
Criminal 2: In the beginning was the virtual word.

∙ Kapil Sibal is demanding an Arrest button for all status messages. Oh wait! He’s already got it!

∙ There is virtually no right to virtual speech.

∙ Virtual Insanity for Real…
Kill offline, get away.
Criticise online, get arrested.

∙ Tweet, get arrested. Take photo, get arrested. Draw cartoon, get arrested. Fight corruption, get arrested. Welcome to 2012, India’s Nineteen Eighty-Four.

∙ He has three vices: Smoking, drinking and Facebooking.
Is he a womaniser? No, worse, he’s a social networker.

∙ Offline: Think before you speak.
Online: Think before you Tweet, post, update, comment, like, blog, email, forward…

∙ 666: The number of the beast.
66A: The number of the political beast.

∙ In US, Obama has 24 million followers on Twitter.
In India, if the Congress had their way, they’d rather put 24 million Tweeple in jail.

∙ Redefining Social Media.
Politicians: They are all so annoying!
Enter Section 66A.
Politicians: They are all criminals!

∙ Messenger has invisible mode.
Likewise entire Facebook and Twitter has to be in invisible mode from the Indian government.

∙ Facebook sadism…
Step 1: Write awesome comment to a popular post.
Step 2: Wait for a few dozen likes.
Step 3: Edit your comment to something really really offensive.
Step 4: Get arrested with all those dozens of people.

∙ Indian politico’s new age mantra: Offline sticks and stones won’t break my bones, but online names and comments will always hurt me.

∙ During Emergency 1975, they could arrest anyone in India.
During Emergency 2012, they can arrest anyone in cyberspace.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru