What Vadra was actually saying…

Pappu: Can I be PM?
Vadra: #AreYouSerious?

Pappu: I’ll be the greatest PM ever.
Vadra: #AreYouNuts?

Pappu: Congress is a great party that will remove India of its poverty.
Vadra: #WhatsWrongWithYou?

Pappu: But Congress is such a great party!
Vadra: #ItsAMistake!

Pappu: But I am asking all the right questions!
Vadra: AndYoureTheRightPersonToAsk?

Pappu: A TV news channel is interviewing me right now!
Vadra: #PutYourCameraOff!

Pappu: Then who should be the PM of India!
Vadra: #MangoMan in a #BananaRepublic.

Modi: #HellYeah!

These versions by Sunil Rajguru