The liberals will never learn…

Capitalists can genuinely say…
To hell with Communism!
Communists can’t honestly say “To hell with Capitalism!” because they make big bucks from it.

The fall…
2002: Modi did genocide!
2013: Modi did snoopgate!
2015: Name on suit!
2016: Modi follows trolls!

Mamata cries Emergency while cracking down on journalists, suppressing free speech and behaving dictatorially.
Story of most Chief Ministers of India.

Media is obsessed with politicians obsessed with caste and religion.
Media ignores politicians obsessed with development.
Problem is not just the politicians.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

India’s Left-Right debate…

Less than 1% of Indians are Communists, yet they’ve hijacked 99% discourse.
80% Indians are Hindus and yet any mildly Hindu talk is attacked as being communal.

The truth of everything pre-2014…
Left-wing Prime Minister launches Left-wing public project in Left-wing State, while Left-wing activists, NGOs, intellectuals and celebrities cheer, as reported by a Left-wing editor.

If there are 10 Left-wing commentators and one Right-wing one, then the 10 will be introduced as neutral and the one will be emphasized as being Right-wing.

All the Modi Haters have finally found respectability.
Now they proudly call themselves anti-establishment.

© Sunil Rajguru

Rang de laal…

rose-143947_640Someone once called Naxalites “Gandhians with guns”.

The truth is totally different…

In India…

Naxalites are Communists with guns.

Editors are Communists with pens.

NGOs are Communists with foreign funds.

Historians are Communists with textbooks.

Activists are Communists with a cause.

Politicians are Communists with power.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru