More musings on the Pappu-Arnab interview…

What about SIT for 1984?
Pappu: It’s OK, I don’t want to sit. As it is I stand for RTI, women empowerment and changing the system.

Before interview…
Congress: Jab bhi hum 2002 bolte hai, woh 1984 kahate hai!
Pappu: Main theek karta hu.
After interview…
Congress: Hey bhagwan, ab sab sirf 1984 bol rahe hai, 2002 nahin!
Pappu: RTI. Women emporment. System….

1922: James Joyce masters Stream of Consciousness novel.
2014: Pappu masters Stream of Consciousness interview.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

If Pappu had to answer these questions…

Q1: What is the capital of France?
A: The French people should be empowered.

Q2: What is the capital of Maharashtra?
A: We have introduced RTI and through that we can get the answer.

Q3: Name the top 3 scams of UPA2.
A: We have introduced Lokpal and six more bills are pending.

Q4: What is the square root of 9?
A: The system to get this answer has very sound fundamentals.

Q5: Why are you doing business with a corrupt person like Laloo?
A: Laloo is an idea. An idea is just an idea and cannot be corrupt.

Q6: How is the Congress not involved in 1984 and the BJP involved in 2002?
A: Because the Congress not involved in 1984 and the BJP is involved in 2002!

Q7: What is exactly going on in your mind?
A: I am not sure it is possible for RTI to be used in all possible situations and that system is not very sound on fundamentals.

Q8: How will you give power to the people?
A: By empowering them.

Q9: What are your views on woman empowerment?
A: Women should be given power.

Q10: Why aren’t you engaging in a debate with Modi?
A: Yes, we can debate that.

Q11: What do you think of AAP?
A: Koi AAP nahin, koi main nahin, sirf hum hai.

Q12: You are answering none of the above questions.
A: It is only by strengthening the fundamentals of the questions and thereby changing their system that you can empower the answers and even that is not possible because there are really no answers but just ideas and ideas are open and not closed to the system and this I learnt from my father who learnt it from my grandmother and I think that will finally prove to you that Congress was not responsible for 1984 and BJP was responsible for 2002 and this would have been evident had you exercised RTI which we implemented while our Lokpal will ensure that such tragedies will never happen again and hence it is not necessary to debate Modi and so when you understand this answer, you will have understood a little bit about who Rahul Gandhi is and what Rahul Gandhi’s circumstances have been and if you delve into that you will get an answer to the question of what Rahul Gandhi knows and what he does not know and how he is going to open up a closed system by opening up his brain in such fashion and that’s how I see more energy in India and no energy in all the other political parties put together and that’s the idea that the Congress (which itself is an idea) gives to India (which is also an idea) and to put it finally, I have absolutely no idea what I am talking about and that pertains any idea whatsoever.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

When Arnab interviewed Pappu…

The Arnab-Pappu interview is the interview of the century because now the Congress may never win again in this century.

He should now be renamed “General Pappu”.
(Since he runs away from specifics and talks only of “general” things.)

I think the high point of Pappu in 2014 is being interviewed by Arnab.
That’s how low things have reached for him.

Frost/Nixon was made into critically acclaimed film.
Pappu/Arnab will be made into a comically acclaimed film.

Pappu: You can’t blame me for 1984, tab main bachcha tha.
Comment: Please don’t blame him in 2014, woh abhi bhi bachcha hai.

There’s no me, main or hum… Rahul Gandhi refers to himself in the third person.

Blah blah blah RTI empowerment… Blah blah blah RTI empowerment… blah blah blah RTI empowerment… blah blah blah RTI empowerment… blah blah blah RTI empowerment…

Just getting Pappu: Coup.
Asking tough questions: Another coup.
That’s coup coup!
Plain cuckoo!

These versions by Sunil Rajguru