#VideshiLiberal musings

globe-147715_640Social Media is now the Fourth Estate.
Mainstream Media is the Fifth Column.

Some benefit from the Industrial Revolution and praise it.
Others benefit from the Industrial Revolution and praise the Communist Revolution.
Former are called the Right.
The latter are called the Left.

Capitalism has a lot of sins.
But Communism has no virtues.

If you attack anyone viciously 24X7, you certainly can’t accuse him of being a Fascist dictator suppressing free speech.
#Modi #Trump

The day Communism collapses in China like USSR 1991 is the day the gigantic pack of cards of its economy will crash down in that country.

UK Labour just came fourth in a bye election.
Happened to Indian Congress yesterday.
Happening to UK Labour today.
Will happen to US Democrats tomorrow.

2013: Modi can’t get 272.
2015: Trump can’t get 270.
2016: One is Time Person of the Year and the other is the Popular Choice for the same.

Obama was Time Person of the Year.
But then, so was Hitler!
(See how easy that was?)

Basically all current alarmist global climate scientists can take a long walk to oblivion now.

When Modi tells the truth…
Media: It could be a lie?
When Modi Haters tells a lie…
Media: It could be the truth?
(Can replace Modi with Trump)

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

Totally Left behind now

In 1990 Liberals cheered the victory of a sexual predator for the White House.
In 2016 they are frothing at the mouth as the same guy can’t enter again via his crooked wife.

The Republicans are in the strongest position they have been since 1928 and the American media told you they were on the verge of collapse.

The Cyberspace Freedom of Speech Rule.
A Leftist may abuse and abuse and abuse and stay.
A Rightist may criticize and be suspended.

Liberals International.
UK-Labour—Spiritual fountainhead.
US-Democrats—Financial fountainhead.
India-Congress-Commies—Just sponges off both.

Left: We worship Mao and Stalin who were good killers while Right follows Hitler who was a bad killer.
Right: But we haven’t even spoken yet.
Left: Good, keep it that way!

The worshippers of Mao and Stalin (who together killed more that 100 million) are no longer in charge of the world.
#Modi #Brexit #Trump

#Congress #Labour #Democrats
Leftist parties finally getting uniformly thrashed all over the world.
Liberals-NGOs funding drying up.

After making a whopping $80 billion solely off Capitalism, Bill Gates says that Capitalism isn’t working and we need Socialism.

Elliot Carver.
Tomorrow Never Dies—1997.
Every media mogul’s ultimate ideal.
Only they fall flat on their faces.
#TrumpWin #Brexit #ModiWave

Liberal arrogance + Left’s overconfidence + Media manipulation…
…may have actually led to Modi landslide + Brexit + Trump win.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

Nehru and his disastrous Communist ecosystem

nehru-2361331_640Surrenderer-in-Chief Nehru…
Surrendered PoK.
Surrendered UN seat.
Surrendered Indus water.
Surrendered US N-treaty.
Surrendered Aksai Chin.

With every new revelation you get the sinking feeling that Nehru hated India and in fact wanted to destroy it.
Also perfectly explains the attitude of Nehru worshipers today.

2013: We will stop RSS-VHP-Hindutva.
2014: We will stop Modi.
2015: We will stop Amit Shah.
2016: We will stop Arnab.
2017: We will stop Changu-Mangu.

99% simply rely on Capitalism and don’t believe in Communism.
That doesn’t make them “Right” but “Normal”.
People labeling them the “Right” are the real loonies.

Birthday boy #ManmohanSingh is the only person who has played sidekick to both a great hero (PV Narasimha Rao) and a great villain (Sonia).

Mahatma Gandhi did not win us Independence.
He won us Dependence (to the Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty).

Don’t need J&K.
Don’t need Army.
Don’t need UN seat.
Don’t need Indus water.
Don’t need Aksai Chin.
Don’t need Capitalism.
Statesman or joker?

These versions by Sunil Rajguru