My Complete Narendra Modi Columns

Modi haters must reconcile with the fact that Modi is here to stay
March 11, 2017,

I expect Modi to take bolder, hardline, controversial decisions in 2017, December 5, 2016

Modi haters are only making it worse for India
June 22, 2016,

Has Swamy replaced Jaitley as Modi’s new mukhauta?
May 13, 2016,

Modi doesn’t want India to see another Kalam for president
March 31, 2016,

Modi Haters Will Outrage And Fume Till 2019 No Matter What
February 2, 2016,

How Modi made Pakistan irrelevant in India’s foreign policy
December 26, 2015,

8 reasons Modi will do absolutely nothing about Ram Mandir
November 30, 2015,

And you Thought Modi Was Doing Nothing?
November 30, 2015,

5 reasons why Modi doesn’t give regular interviews or press conferences
November 26, 2015,

Acchhe Din Are Already Here
November 26, 2015,

25 controversies of Narendra Modi
November 16, 2015,

Narendra Modi: The Man Who Bounces Back
November 9, 2015,

8 #BlowToModi moments in 2015
November 9, 2015,

Something Went Wrong with You? Just blame Modi
November 3, 2015,

Don’t blame Modi for Godhra if you are ready to spare Gandhis
October 28, 2015,

Right to malign Modi a fundamental MSM right
April 13, 2015,

Rise of the outsiders in Indian politics
January 21, 2015,

My Narendra Modi Columns till 2014

The ultimate Ab ki baar Modi sarkar rhyme…

Ab ki baar aar ya paar,
Ab ki baar no daraar,
Ab ki baar Delhi is not far,
Pappu PM only in jocular,
Pakki hai Congress ki haar,
Hil gaya Delhi ka durbaar,
Milega use ek naya avatar,
Milenge naye naye shikaar.
Ab ki bar Modi sarkar.

There’s only one charcha in the bazaar,
Only one conversation in every car,
In each and every seminar,
While gulping pizza or idli-sambhaar,
Or even eating caviar,
Only one man is on the radar.
Ab ki bar Modi sarkar.

It’s the ultimate political interwar,
This country has become bipolar,
Desh ke beech main hai deewar,
Par kahe cop, general aur tehesildar,
Bole neta, kisan aur zamindar,
Kahe jawaan, manager aur jamaadar,
Even the student who does ratta maar.
Ab ki bar Modi sarkar.

Detractors kahe ye hain brutal tsar,
Godhra kahe baar baar baar,
Par hai ye bandha superstar,
Yaane ke simply stellular,
BJP ka hai ye lodestar-polestar,
Hai ye Saffron ka renewed waar,
Dega apne opposition ko zabardast maar,
Badlega Bharat ka sansaar,
Ab ki bar Modi sarkar.

This version by Sunil Rajguru