Mission 100th 100 Scorecard for die-hard Sachin Tendulkar fans (Updated again!)

Statistics since Sachin Tendulkar’s last international century on March 12, 2011…

Days elapsed: 349
Matches Played (Tests + ODIs): 20
Innings: 30
Average: 34.2
Mode of Dismissals: Caught (18), LBW (7), Bowled (4), Run Out (1)
Highest Score: 94
Lowest Score: 1
Runs Scored: 1026
Half-Centuries: 8
Latest Villain Bowler: KMDN Kulasekara
Most Dismissals: Peter Siddle (3)
International centuries scored by all other players during this period: 100+

(These statistics updated as on February 24, 2012)

This scorecard by Sunil Rajguru

Some Sachin Mahashatak musings…

∙ There’s many a slip between the 99th and 100th century.

∙ Like the Y2K problem, this is the 0.1K problem.
No-one has ever scored 100 international centuries so the counter keeps going to 00 after 99!
Someone up there better fix that counter fast!

∙ Here’s one record that Tendulkar will absolutely hate.
He’s already scored a quarter-century of international 90s.

∙ The Darren Sammy Catch had much more sting than the Sharad Pawar Slap.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru