World Cup final musings…

They want to kick out the Associates to have a competitive World Cup.
The only way the World Cup can be made competitive if you kick out Australia.

Even if Winnie the Pooh led the Australians, they’d win the World Cup.

Thank you Ranatunga and Dhoni!
Otherwise Australia would have won 6 straight World Cups from 1996-2015.

Thank God that Australia has never won the T20 World Cup otherwise world cricket would have gone into total boredom for all non-Australians.

Australia, New Zealand and India all lost just one match in the World Cup.
One is the champion, one a runner up and one a semi-finalist.

Progress of New Zealand…
1975-2007—Choked in all knockout matches.
2011—Choked in the semi-final.
2015—Choked in the final.

Let’s face it—The Aussies are hands on favourites to win the ODI World Cups of 2019 and 2023.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

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