What goes around, comes around…

Bowling coach (Before match): Remember, no matter what happens, don’t get injured!
Bowling coach (After match): But you had to take wickets too!

Indian fan to God: If Sachin doesn’t get his Mahashatak, then I don’t care what happens in the series!
Indian fan (Later): Err… that’s not what I meant!

Umpire: Here’s my finger!
Indian cricketer: Here’s mine too!

Indian fan: Go jump in the lake!
Indian management: Go jump in the kart!

First Indian fan: Imagine what Test cricket will be like once the Big 3 retires.
Second Indian fan: What’s there to imagine when we can see it so clearly!

Indian fan: I don’t care for cricket anymore!
Indian cricketer: Neither do I!

© Sunil Rajguru

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