The Sachin Mahashatak is finally here!

∙ Now he can officially change his name to Sauchin RunIshwar TenXTendulkar a.k.a Shatakeshwar.

∙ In Roman Numerals, C stands for Century, So Sachin’s new name is…

∙ New Sachinisque blessing for entry-level batsman: Aap khelo pachees saal aur maaro sau shatak.

∙ It took Sachin about 370 days to run this single and go from the 99th to the 100th 100!

∙ Now Sachin’s wife is really “Sau”bhagyawati.

Sau-te sau-te sau-te finally Mahashatak jaag gaya!

Subah ka bhoola hua shatak agar shyam ko laut aaye, to use shatak nahin mahashatak kahate hai!

∙ He almost changed his name to 99dulkar and retired!

∙ He was on 99 for so long that it almost felt like 99 years… you could have almost called him Searching Tendulkar…

∙ Sachin scored his 99th international Century on March 12.
Sachin scored his 100th international Century on March 16.
(Kindly to please ignore the year in between!)

© Sunil Rajguru

10 thoughts on “The Sachin Mahashatak is finally here!

  1. It is sachin who keeps silent critics by his performance.

  2. Dear Sachin,
    SOU SHATAK palele..
    Hame tumse pyar tha..
    Hame tumse pyar tha…
    Aaaaj bhi hai… Auuur…
    Kal bhi rahega..

  3. Hey Sunil,

    It Seems to Me that you are Anti-Sachin. Whenever he makes a TON India Loses is False . You forget that India has won more that 100 Times Just because he gave a Good Start.

  4. I was reading your article in sify. It seems you have convinently forgot many of sachin’s winning knocks. What about his 98 against pakistan in world cup at south africa. To win tests the basic thing is to take wickets. This cannot be done by sachin. EEven though VVS and dravid played stellar innings in calcutta against aussies, if harbajan singh would not have taken 15 wkts we would have drawn that match. So even though ponting,jaysuriya have scored centuries in winning cause, but you easily forget the win occurred due to contributions by mcgrath and murali respectively. From reading your blogs, it can be said and proved “An Indian cannot stand another Indian”

  5. Sir

    I am really happy that you have put the 8 question marks over sachin so well…. I really appreciate this article and every arguement is 100% correct. I have always tried to tell my frnds this but i have always been made to shut my mouth bcoz the majority was against me. This is an awesome article, one which i will save and keep for years to come. Thanx I owe u one :)


  6. which is important team win or anyone’s century? now india is out of asia cup! counry’s win important or anyone’s century?

  7. I follow your writings and articles on and to be honest, I love them. But, I don’t understnad why you are so overcritical about Sachin Tendulkar. You are a professional writer and ought to get your figures right. in 49 matches( ODI’s) Sachin scored centuries, we won 33. Please don’t ridicule or undermine his service to the nation by writing such baseless articles. He is no super human and even if you don’t like him personally, atleast respect him for what he has done for cricket and INDIA.When people like Matthew Hayden say, “I HAVE SEEN GOD AND HE PLAYS AT NO. 4 for INDIA”, that means something. And Sachin has already said it several times that his critics have no right to tell him when to retire and rightly so.

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