Random IPL & SRK controversy musings…

∙ Shah ruk!
Nahin rukunga!

∙ I love you K K K K K K Kiran!
I hate you C C C C C C C Controversies!

∙ SRK vs KKR: Dada! Dada! Dada!
SRK vs RR: Smoking case at Jaipur stadium.
SRK vs MI: Ban at Wankhede stadium.
Next match is what?

∙ Citi should instead make a charitable contribution for every IPL controversy and they’d go bankrupt in no time.

∙ It is difficult to tell whether the IPL has more controversies or 6s by Chris Gayle.

∙ If the TRP ratings for IPL matches is 4, then similar ratings for IPL controversies is probably 40.

© Sunil Rajguru

One thought on “Random IPL & SRK controversy musings…

  1. You are bias and cynical in your comments and your analysis is very poor. Writing good English alone does not qualify you to be an analyst. Poor show in bloging.

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