More Sydney musings…

∙ The BCCI believes in investing its future in the youth.
Hence it’s keeping all its investments safe on the bench.

∙ The Indian players cricket are not cows.
They are not interested in grass.

∙ The Indian players are really bad artists.
They can’t even draw anything!

∙ From now on the BCCI is going to charge double for its Test tours.
That’s because wherever the Indian team visits, it revives the Test fortunes of that particular country.

∙ ABCD of Sachin’s Mahashatak misses…
Sachin has missed his 100th 100 at Ahmedabad, Birmingham, Chennai and Delhi…
(Now let’s hope he doesn’t go all the way from E to Z!)

∙ Sachin also completed a triple century in Sydney.
He’s been searching for his Mahashatak for more than 300 days now.

∙ Conspiracy Theory #45
The BCCI refused to rest MS Dhoni for the tour of West Indies last year and this is Dhoni’s way of getting back.

© Sunil Rajguru

Reference: Second India-Australia Test at Sydney, January 3-6

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