Miandad’s sixer and Harjah for India…

From the beginning of ODIs to before Pakistani cricketer Javed Miandad hit the winning sixer off the last ball of the final of the 1986 Sharjah tournament; we led Pakistan 8-7 in terms of wins-losses.

From the Miandad sixer to Sharjah 1991, Pakistan led India a whopping 17-3.

We boycotted Sharjah in 1992 and our performance improved slightly, but we came back to Sharjah in 1994 and played till 2000.

During that period Pakistan led us 44-21.

Then we boycotted Sharjah for good after 2000.

Since then we lead Pakistan 22-21.

It was also after the first boycott that we beat Pakistan in the World Cup and since then we’ve beaten them in 6/6 World Cups.

If the BCCI ever thinks of holding neutral Indo-Pak matches at Sharjah, then the Harjah days are sure to return.

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