Every day is a Sonday 8…

∙ When I told him the US was involved in the Afghanistan war, he was aghast.
“But didn’t Obama get the Nobel Prize for Peace?”
“So is he allowed to do that?
“Then he might as well attach his Nobel Peace medal to a Cruise missile and send it to Afghanistan!

∙ Once I was having trouble explaining how America is the most powerful country in the world.
He asked, “Is it so powerful that it can get hold of any country and tell it to commit suicide?”

∙ His cyber jargon is everywhere. I asked him why he hadn’t gone for a bath yet when he said, “The water is still loading.” (The bucket was still filling with water)

∙ When I couldn’t get the gift he wanted on the day of his birthday, I promised to get a small gift that day and his actual one later.
He was very pleased and then looked worried.
He asked, “I hope this is not what they call Corruption!”

∙ His idea of a “political” joke…
He flew a plane and said, “It’s not going high.”
Then he wrote something on it and threw it and it went pretty high.
“Guess what I wrote,” he asked and showed me the plane.
He had written “Petrol prices” on both sides.

∙ At times it is very difficult to react to their absolutely nonsensical statements…
Once when I was discussing Shakespeare, he commented, “Shakespeare was a punk. Everyone writes better than him nowadays.”
I have absolutely no idea where children get such ideas from nowadays.

∙ Whenever he does something without our permission, he says that he is doing it “illegally”.

∙ It was tough watching The Curious Case of Benjamin Button with him.
He demanded to know the exact physical and mental age of Brad Pitt at the beginning of every new scene.

∙ Once while discussing the future of civil aviation, my son commented that in 2100, Indian planes would be like passenger trains, stopping at every city and there would be vendors yelling “chai chai” in the aisles.

∙ Me: When I was of your age, I used to eat less than half the amount of chocolates you eat.
Him: That’s nothing, when I’ll be of your age, I won’t be eating chocolates at all!

© Sunil Rajguru

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