Status Updates April 2010

· There will be less ads and sponsors and money in IPL4. Yippee! That means more cricket time, less breaks and lesser distractions.

(April 28)

· Secrets of long life: Yell in office. Keep walking out of office. Be corrupt. Promote your family (Nepotism). Drown your country & save yourself. (Reference: Indian Politicians)

· Hamam me sab nanga. Par Modi gaya to sab changa?

(April 27)

· Lead: First Semi-final: Modi thrashes Tharoor. Second Semi: Manohar overcomes Pawar. Final: Manohar vs Modi. Analysis: Bookies say match-fixed, Manohar sure to win. Filler: The “Other” Final features CSK vs MI. No-one in the world of cricket bigwigs gives a flying fig for that one.

(April 22)

· Lalit Modi refuses to quit. That’s because thinks he’s a one-man Independent Power League…

(April 20)

· If Tharoor was computer illiterate, like most Indian politicians, he would have still been in office today…

· Statutory Warning: Tweeting May Be Injurious to Your Profession

· Looks like the raids will continue, so let’s just call him Lal-IT Modi of the Incometax Premier League.

· Cong High Command on Tharoor: Ye bechara controversies ke bhoj ka maara, ise chahiye chutkaara…

(April 19)

· Round 1 of Indian Political League: Modi’s Moolahs beat Tharoor’s Twiterrers.

· Behind every successful man is a woman. Behind every notorious man are many women.

· Kabhi Kabhi Ash aur Abhi Indian news channels pe chha jaate hain, Par Abhi Abhi sirf Ash hi Ash hain foreign news channels par…

· People who live in glass houses should not change their Franchisees. People who have Sweat problems should stay clear of public forums.

(April 18)

· PJ Catchlines. Modi Rubber: Tyres that last. Narendra Modi: A communal past. Lalit Modi: Controversies thick and fast.

· It’s a Royal Cyber War between Cricketing-Tweeter-in-Chief versus Indian Government’s-Tweeter-in-Chief. Some simply call it the Battle of the Twits.

· Obama’s treaty is bringing down the US-CIS nukes from x000 nukes to 2/3×000 nukes. The Nobel Committee old fogies must be sleeping much safer now thanks to that. Encore! Nobel! Nobel! Another one please…

· Who’s been viewing my profile the most? It’s you yourself, you narcissist nut! Mr Rajguru, you have 90% page views and the remaining 10% are shared by all your other friends.

(April 15)

· From now on Mirza Ghalib will be referred to as the Other Mirza…

· All 8 teams have been disqualified from the IPL. The finals will now be played directly between Lalit Modi and Shashi Tharoor.

(April 14)

· It’s funny how the most trivial of issues inspire TV Channels and Status Messages.

(April 6)

· Till yesterday the Indo-Pak match that received maximum media coverage was the 2007 T20 WC Final. Now that’s been beaten 10-fold by the Sania-Shoiab one.

(April 5)

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