November 2012 Status Updates

∙ Egypt’s journey, 1922 to now…
Imperial Dictatorship to Royal Dictatorship to Military Dictatorship to Civil Dictatorship.

(November 28)

∙ FDI = Finally DMK In.

∙ 2014 main UPA ka hat-trick ball aa raha hai. Lag gaya to BJP clean bowled, all down aur retire ho jaayega.

∙ Arvind Kejriwal: Mere paas paisa hai, shaurat hai, scoops hai, support hai, political party hai, 24X7 media coverage hai, tere paas kya hai?
Kiran Bedi: Mere paas Anna hai!

(November 27)

∙ After Kejriwal’s “Mango people” Aam Admi Party, banana republican Vadra will probably want to launch Kela Logon ka Political Dal or KLPD.

∙ Kejriwal’s party is Aam Aadmi Party or AAP.
Other parties not impressed, say…
AAP yaha aaye kis liye? AAP ka kuch nahin ho sakta!

(November 24)

∙ Egypt’s many springs…
1922 Spring: Britishers ousted. 1953 Spring: Monarchy ousted. 2011 Arab Spring: Dictatorship ousted. 2012 protests: Another spring?

∙ Pre-1947: Congress fought war of Independence against the British.
Now: Congress fighting war of Independence against CAG, CEC, courts and all Independent bodies.

∙ RP Singh’s economy rate: -1.74 lakh crore Rupees.
Wickets: 1, Vinod Rai. Or so says Third Umpire Congress.

∙ Indian team main ek RP Singh fast bowler tha.
CAG team main ek RP Singh spinner hai.

(November 23)

∙ Trust Arvind Kejriwal to spoil Congress’ 26/11 party.
NSG = “Not So Great” treatment of our heroes.

(November 22)

∙ After hanging Kasab, there’s one less Pakistani terrorist, we’ve helped our neighbour. But the number of Indian criminals remains exactly the same.

(November 21)

∙ Fiscal cliff. Republican partisan mountain. Iran nuke canyon. Petraeus gorge. Israeli ties plateau. Afghan precipice. China currency fault lines…. Rocky second term for Barack Obama.

(November 16)

∙ Rahul Gandhi=Peter Pan of India. Never grows up. Ungrounded: Flies in the air. Looks like he believes in magic. Doesn’t live in India, but his own Neverland.

(November 14)

∙ Adpapers: The Ads of India. Adistan Times. The Ad.
Ad channels: AdTV. CNN-AdBN. Ads Now. Ads 24X7.
Adazines: Adlook. Ads Today. Adfare.

(November 11)

∙ Congress leaders are absolute masters of the PDA: Public Display of Arrogance.
∙ Right now the time is 10.18 AM and the date is 11-11-2012. This happens only once in eternity. Wow!

∙ If there’s a right-wing Hindu within your office network, is he called an Intranet Hindu?

∙ Kejriwal has shamed them!
Khurshid: A sub-1 crore scam!
Vadra: I’m nothing in front of Raja!
Ambani: Rs 100 crore! Never seen such a low amount!

(November 9)

∙ Politicians are doing the role of businessmen and businessmen that of politicians.
Activists are doing the role of journalists and journalists that of PR professionals.

∙ Indian Railways’ Cursed Ticketless Corporation.

∙ 2012 sounded more like the second coming of Christ than the election of the US President.

∙ Maybe the Times of India can come out with a main edition called Ads and a supplement called News.

(November 9)

∙ Chinese leadership change slogans…
Change the party can believe in.
Audacity of hopelessness.
One couple one child zero vote.
No you can’t!

∙ 1971: Ram ka naam badanaam na karo.
2012: Radha ka naam badanaam na karo.

∙ Like Naughty@40, LK Advani is PMHopeAlive@85.

∙ LK Advani still blows out all the candles of his birthday cake, closes his eyes and wishes to be Prime Minister.

(November 8)

∙ The 3 Holy Ss of India…
Sonia—cannot be investigated.
Sachin—cannot be questioned.
Scam accused—cannot be convicted.

∙ Old biblical saying… And the meek shall inherit the Earth.
Ancient Indian saying… And the corrupt shall inherit the land.

∙ Old: Ek machhar aadmi ko hijda bana deta hai.
New: Ek Tweet aadmi ko criminal bana deta hai.

(November 1)

© Sunil Rajguru

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