New Year 2017 musings…

Wish you a Cashless New Year.
Wish you a White (money) New Year.

Trump—Wish you a White Christmas.
Modi—Wish you a White New Year.

Does the collective optimism of a few billion people on the eve of December 31 actually help kick-start a new year better?

Does Father Time suddenly look at the date and find it’s December 31 and say…
Oh God! A year has ended! Let me change the luck/fortune of this world/country/person/group!
That decade was so… 2016 was so… are such artificial constructs.
Fortunes and eras don’t wait for a date, beginning and ending at any time they please.
They could last for a second, 17 days, 8 months, 13.5 years or 7.34567 decades.

Why a New Year Resolution?
Why not a New Month Resolution or a New Week Resolution or a New Day Resolution or a Mid-Day Resolution?

If it’s a really good resolution, then you don’t have to wait till the New Year.
If you’ve put off the resolution for the New Year, then the Resolution may well continue to be put off way after that.

You know that New Year Resolutions are just another form of GIGO, called RIRO…
GIGO=Garbage In Garbage Out.
RIRO=Resolution In Resolution Out.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

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