February 2016 Status Updates

#‎AdarshLiberals‬ or ‪#‎IntellectualTerrorists‬?

(February 22)

Progress in West Bengal…
First: Congress-CPM clashes.
Then: CPM-Trinamool clashes.
Now: Trinamool-BJP clashes.

(February 19)

1. He’ll never be taken seriously.
2. OK, but he won’t become candidate.
3. OK, but he’ll never make head of State.
Modi passed all 3.
Trump at 3.

BJP ka Shatru BJP ka shatru hai.

(February 17)

Kejri best Delhi CM ever in…
1. Ad spend.
2. Media coverage.
3. Passing the buck.
4. Hope.
5. Nautanki.
6. Illogic.
7. Chicanery.

Fun fact of the day…
Immediately after Independence, CPI President BT Randive publicly called for an armed struggle to overthrow the Government of India.
P.S. CPM emerged from the CPI.

2008: Last year when there was no major ICC trophy.
2009: T20 World Cup, ICC Champions Trophy.
2010: T20 World Cup.
2011: ODI World Cup.
2012: T20 World Cup.
2013: ICC Champions Trophy.
2014: T20 World Cup.
2015: ODI World Cup.
2016: T20 World Cup.

(February 14)

Bradman greatest.
Waugh best in crisis.
Hussey best debut.
Smith greatest promise.
Now Voges has Test average of 100!

#‎GharWapsi‬ begins in Europe too.
Many disillusioned refugees returning to their home countries.

(February 13)

Obama: African American.
Romney: Mormon.
Sanders: Jew.
Cruz: Canadian born.
Rubio: Cuban American.
America finally becoming diverse at the top.

(February 12)

36-year-old Nehra is nearly 2.5 times more precious than 32-year-old Steyn.

(February 6)

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