December 2014 Status Updates

In India, the Right to Protest far surpasses the Right to Free Speech.

(December 31)

27 politicians have received the Bharat Ratna.
Only one was not associated with the Congress in any way.

(December 30)

Hundreds of thousands die while building the Great Wall of China.
Thousands die while building the Panama Canal.
Hundreds die while building Qatar football stadiums.

(December 24)

Somewhere in the BCCI office right now…
IPL: Check.
ODI tournaments: Check.
ODI series: Check.
International T20s: Check.
Tests: Home—Check. Foreign—Fail.
Wow, we got 4.5/5! All Izz Well! All Izz Well! All Izz Well!
‪#‎IndVsAus‬ ‪#‎Brisbane‬

(December 20)

Pakistani Government: We will bring Kashmir under our control.
Pakistani citizen: First can you bring Pakistan under your control?

Frankenstein was the creator and not the monster.
Therefore Frankenstein is Pakistan and not the Taliban.

(December 13)

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

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