April 2013 Status Updates

· A tale of 3 cities…
Fact: Rape Capital.
Hope: Protest Capital.
Politicians: Indifference Capital.

· Two great Gujaratis dominate every century.
The 20th century had Gandhi and Patel.
The 21st century has Modi and Sir Jadeja.

(April 20)

· Anyone remember a certain Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee?
He seems like a Genius compared to the current CM.

· Real battles…
Popularity: Modi vs Sonia.
On Twitter: Modi vs Tharoor.
Most intense: Modi vs MSM.
Non-Cong: Modi Vs Nitish.
Internal: Modi vs BJP/RSS.
Oration: Modi vs Sushma/Jaitley.
Pappu doesn’t even feature saala!

(April 11)

· 1. Yama is a God.
2. He is Dharmaraj.
3. Nobody can stop him.
4. He is wise.
5. His son (Yudhistir) ruled India.
Q: Why is the Cong praising Modi?

(April 5)

· 2004: Vajpayee is out LBW, stunned by decision!
Enter UPA1.
2009: Advani clean bowled!
Enter UPA2.
2014: Modi takes guard for hat-trick ball.
Can they make it UPA3? Or will we have NDA2?

· Derek has no answers to the Didi question and even if he has, then well, the quizmaster’s decision is not final and is constantly challenged.

· Bollywood changes…
Yesterday: “Inspired” originals.
Today: Remakes, sequels and remixes.

(April 4)

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