Random Thoughts 8

· At times…
…there is so much talk of Connectivity, that I feel Disconnected.
…there is so much talk of the Online World, that I feel totally Put Off.
…there is so much talk of the Unlimited potential of Cyberspace, that I feel Cramped.

· If the Earth stopped rotating and moving around the Sun and the Moon drifted off, then would the Days, Months and Years cease to exist? Would we become immortal in some quaint way?

· Isn’t there any software that makes Human Beings Interoperable?

· In 2570 BC, the Great Pyramid of Giza became the tallest man-made structure at 146 metres. Recently, Burj Khalifa claimed that record at 828m. Forget 828m, Bangalore (the place where I live) is yet to break the record set about 4500 years ago.

· You should use the Mobile phone when you are mobile. When you become stationary for long period of time: Switch the mobile off.

© Sunil Rajguru

6 thoughts on “Random Thoughts 8

  1. Indepth…I remember during my college days my father was chanting “mail aapas main karen” and my friend joked uncle mail kaise karen internet to down hai:-)

  2. Ha ha ha… nice… However, if the earth stopped rotating on its axis and revolving around the sun, we would cease to exist. Mortality will never be more evident then… :)

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