Random Thoughts 7

• Does Father Time suddenly look at the date and find it’s December 31 and say: Oh God! A year has ended; let me change the luck/fortune of this world/country/person/group?
That decade was so… 2009 was so… are such artificial constructs. Fortunes and eras don’t wait for a date, beginning and ending at any time they please. They could last for a second, 17 days, 8 months, 13.5 years or 7.34567 decades.

• The world did not end at the turn of the millennium. The world will not end in December 2012. I think a lot of people keep hoping that the world will come to an end… it sure beats the concept of suicide!

• Does a New Year’s Day really change anything? Does every Birthday really change your perspective? Does an anniversary change fortunes? For me there are only two types of days: Holidays and Working Days. Any other classification is irrelevant.

• Why a New Year Resolution? Why not a New Month Resolution or a New Week Resolution or a New Day Resolution or a Mid-Day Resolution?

• Did You Know? Today is the 1000th anniversary of the Japanese Emperor Go-Suzaku turning 17 days old!

• If Saturday and Sunday is the Weekend, then Monday should be called the Weekendend.

© Sunil Rajguru

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