Random Thoughts 19

• I’ve just completed another revolution around the Sun. Is that cause for celebration? Hum yuhi suraj ke chakkar kat-te rahate hain zindagi bhar aur khush rahate hain. Rotation + Revolution = Illusion that you are progressing meaningfully.

• They say that God makes someone for everyone. In India, there are 944 females for every 1000 males. Does that mean there’s no-one for 56 males out of every 1000? Or is that some kind of Gay indicator?

• When India loses miserably and they show the subsequent Highlights, shouldn’t they be called Lowlights instead?

• There’s a gastronomical gap in my life. My stomach can never keep up with my mouth.

• Don’t worry too much about your roots. You always carry them with you and can plant them wherever you want.

• If you take morning walks in India with a “Sar utha ke jio” attitude, then you’re sure to step on dog poop and other dirt or trip over something.

© Sunil Rajguru

2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts 19

  1. The last one……. ouff so true…. hate hate hate dog poop…… had this mad urge to onec do a piece on dog poop scttered all over bangkok pavements… took pics as well….. but it was all just tooooo disgusting…..

  2. Gunjan, if you uploaded it on your FB page, I would avoid it for some time, but I’m sure there will be takers for the picture.

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