Yet more Pappu musings…

The Rahul Gandhi of Rahul Gandhi’s dreams is exactly like Superman, Batman and Spiderman.
(They are all fictional characters)

First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they ridicule you again and then they ridicule you again and again and then they ridicule you again and again and again and then Modi wins.

If Pappu was a Brand Ambassador or a side actor in Bollywood, then I think I would really like him.
But a Prime Minister???!!!???

The fall of Pappu…
2009: Future PM.
2012: Will Modi checkmate him?
2013: Can he counter Kejriwal?
2014 headline…
Can he beat Kumar Vishwas in Amethi?

Charles is his inspiration.
At 65 he’s still a Prince to the Queen.
Pappu is just 44.

If Modi gives 9 great speeches then they’ll focus on the 10th lacklustre one.
If Pappu gives 9 stupid speeches then they’ll call the 10th above average one a masterpiece.

Star kids may get 15 flop Bollywood films before a hit.
Dynastic scions may get 15 flop elections before a success.

The contradiction…
The only way Pappu can re-invent the Congress is by removing the dynasty.
That is by removing himself.

I see only two categories of people cheering a Pappu speech…
1. Congressis.
2. TV reporters/anchors.

I won’t vote for NaMo because of Namotards.
I won’t vote for AAP because of AAPtards.
Vote for Pappu because there are no Papputards!

1919—Motilal Congress President, signals beginning of Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty.
Maybe Pappu is targeting 2019 to end the Dynasty.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

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