The rights of these Indians to be anti-Indian…

Sadda haq, itthe rakh.
Sedition haq, itthe rakh.

In America, saying “I will destroy my country” or supporting such a statement would be political suicide.
In Indian politics however you can thrive.

Intellectuals protesting against Twitter protesting against journalists protesting against lawyers protesting against JNU students protesting against the Indian State…

Minor difference…
During Emergency, Nobody could protest.
Right now Everybody is protesting all the time.

2011 was against corruption. Great.
2012 was against rape. Noble.
2014 was against UPA2 debacle. OK.
2016 is against India and pro-Afzal. Really?!?

Minor difference boss…
In 1977, all the Opposition got together to attack Indira.
In 2016, all the Opposition got together to attack India.

Bharat maange azaadi…
…from all these anti-India jokers.

Freedom to Attack India.
Freedom to Lie.
Freedom to Malign.
Freedom to Abuse.
When that is attacked, dubbed an attack on Freedom of Speech.

Protest A… Protest B… Protest C… all the way to Z.
Meanwhile Jungle Raj continues unabated in Bihar, UP, WB and even Kerala.

Delhi protestors…
Citizens against corruption/rape/etc.
Residents/staff/lawyers against students
Journalists against lawyers.
Lawyers against journalists.

We even have a caste system of freedom of speech in India.
Some have it all, some partially and some none at all.

CPM has 20/790 MPs and just 1 CM but 100% right on student politics.
BJP has 329/790 MPs and 8 CMs but 0% right on student politics.

For the first time the Opposition is more eager for the declaration of Emergency than the government.
Be careful what you wish for.

BJP should demand a Bharat Ratna for Sonia.
Pappu would oppose and agitate against even that.

India’s Congress party is consistent.
Whether in the Government or Opposition, it tries to create an Emergency-like situation.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

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