The EVM controversy rages on…

The entire EVM controversy, arguments and proofs can be summed up in six words…
We lost.
EVMs can be hacked.

How do we beat Modi?
Opposition: We can’t, so let’s rake one useless issue after another, pray and hope for the best.

2004—Congress won when BJP was in charge.
2014—BJP won when Congress was in charge.
2015—BJP lost Delhi/Bihar.
2017—Largest party in 2/5 States.

EVMs first used in State elections in 1998.
Almost Bees Saal Baad suddenly saare parties jaag gaye.

Modi: Make in India.
Pappu: Make (holiday) outside India.
Modi: Go digital.
Pappu: Go paper.

If you go by circumstantial evidence…
AAP getting 67/70 seats in Delhi is the fishiest thing that has ever happened in Indian polls.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

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