The Diggy Raja Doublespeak Show of 2011

After reading Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, Diggy Raja turned to George Orwell’s 1984 and was quite impressed with the whole concept of Doublespeak…

Prashant Bhushan attacks corruption… The BJP is backing him!
Prashant Bhushan gets attacked… The BJP is beating him!

Anna Hazare attacks RSS… He is lying!
RSS backs Anna Hazare… They are telling the truth, hence proved that Anna Hazare was lying as my previous statement showed!

Manmohan Singh as PM… He is the best PM and so should stay.
Rahul Gandhi as PM… He will be even greater and so should become.

On Anna Hazare… Anna is RSS RSS RSS!
On Team Anna… Anna Hazare is an honest and simple man. People are misusing his name.

On Anna Hazare’s fast… We will give him the Baba Ramdev treatment!
On Sanjiv Bhatt’s arrest… This is a burning example of fascist thinking and fascist government.

Chidambaram and Naxalism… He is intellectually arrogant.
Chidambaram and corruption… Sangh has made him a target.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

One thought on “The Diggy Raja Doublespeak Show of 2011

  1. Congrats Mr. Rajguru

    For your article on Digvijay Singh ( Diggi raja).
    While he was CM of M.P. he himself along with his brother killed ( by burning)an woman Congress worker. Many political workers were killed to establish hold on Indore , Bhopal underworld.He bought a luxary hotel in Singapore during that period only.A power surplus state M.P. become more than 50% dafficient in power.( Despite no industries and shut down of many running industries). Around Rs. 15000/ crore were siphoned off during 10 years tanure as CM.

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