Telangana, anarchy and a pepper spray…

Pepper spray in Parliament condemned.
(But criminals in Parliament are fine)
Anarchy in Parliament condemned.
(But anarchy in Andhra Pradesh is fine)
Knife in Parliament condemned.
(But political backstabbing is fine)

Political Kajrare…
Aisi nazar se dekha zalim MP ne Lok Sabha ke chowk par,
Humne Telangana Bill rakh diya chaku ki nok par.
Chorus: Wah wah, kamal ho gaya, woh session fail ho gaya.

Advice to women: Use pepper spray went confronted by shady characters.
News item: MP uses pepper spray in Lok Sabha.

We will create a new State out of Andhra Pradesh.
We created a new State called Anarchy Pradesh.

Congress MP pepperspraying to protest Congress Speaker tabling a Bill amidst a mess created by the Congress party = Congress (not Parliament/India) shamed.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

One thought on “Telangana, anarchy and a pepper spray…

  1. Cannot comment on the versions, but it is a sad truth that what we are seeing is not just political opportunism (or foolishness, since nobody is really going to gain) but a blatant abuse of the electoral mandate. Instead of serving the will of the people, all the stakeholders in this ridiculous mess that we have put ourselves in are betraying the trust with which they have been chosen to represent us. The only good news is that the law of cause and effect is absolute and universal, and that no one who is exploiting the situation will get away without consequence.

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