Random political musings of the day…

Indian economy shows great intolerance and disrespect to Chinese economy by achieving greater growth than it.

The TV show Left, Right & Centre was named wrongly.
When Congress was in power it was…
Left, Centre & Centre.
With BJP in power its…
Left, Left & Left.

Indo-Pak heads of State have met a million times.
Yet when they meet for the one million and first time, go ballistic by praising or rubbishing the meet.

Family planning…
Government: Have 1-2 children. Educate them well.
Laloo: Have many children. No need for education. They can all be accommodated in Jungle Raj.

2011: Main Bhi Anna.
2012: Aam Activist.
2013: Aam Aadmi.
2014: Khaas Aadmi.
2015: His Royal Highness The Supreme Leader Sri Sri Kejriwal.

It should officially be called FoSaM.
(Freedom of Speech against Modi)

Why are all United Nations Climate Change Conferences called COP1, COP2, COP3…
Because they are nothing but a series of cop-outs!
‪#‎COP21‬ ‪#‎Paris‬

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

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