Political musings of the day…

Lalu is India’s worst politician.
Kejri is Junior Lalu.
Kanhaiya is Junior Kejri.

India—Pappu se chahiye azaadi.
Bihar—Lalu se chahiye azaadi.
WB—Jungle Raj se chahiye azaadi.
JNU—Kanhaiya se chahiye azaadi.

The Rolling Stones debuted when Nehru was Prime Minister.
With the way they’re going, they might be performing even (if and) when Nehru’s great grandson becomes PM.

P for Prohibition.
P for Peace.
Jungle Raj criminal…
B for Bihar.
B for Bootlegging.

Lalu ne Bihar ki waat laga di.
Ab gham main daru bhi nahin pee sakte wahan ke log!

Empty vessels (bartan) make loud noise.
Pori-bartan makes even louder noise with its empty promises.

Congress totally destroyed West Bengal by 1977.
Since then, for the last 39 years, it has been “Under Construction”.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

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