Mr Kejri is super clean…

Jethmalani defends smugglers, scamsters and murderers.
Now he is defending Kejri.
But no connection between the above.

Leader of Opposition on Twitter.
Chief Activist in New Delhi.
Mogambo within the AAP.
National “Finger Pointer”.

Kejriwal is an Odd character who’ll get Even with the citizens of Delhi even though they’ve voted for him.

123456th piece of AAP irony…
Kejri calls Modi psychopath.
Waves finger threateningly. Blasts Jaitley.
Modi keeps quiet, Jaitley quietly goes to court.
Kejri: जेटली जी हमें डराने की कोशिश ना करें!

Modi ne darake Kejri ko Lalu ke paas bheja.
Jaitley ne darake Kejri ko Jethmalani ke paas bheja.
So much climate of fear!

Lalu: Convict.
Sonia: Accused.
Kejri: Iska bhi number aayega.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

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