Indian economy gaya tel lene…

India is in a State of Poverty and I don’t Mind: Pappu.

Experts have finally found the root cause of the current economic crisis.
It’s been traced to 22 May, 2004.
(Irrelevant fact: Manmohan Singh took oath of office on 22 May, 2004)

Chidu’s 10-point plan to revive economy: 1. Fiscal deficit. 2. Forex. 3. PSU banks. 4. Exports. 5. Manufacturing. 6. CAD. 7. CCI. 8. Capex. 9. Monsoon benefits. 10. Impasses.
Citizen’s 1-point plan to UPA to revive economy: 1. Quit.

Indian Rupee sat on a wall,
Indian Rupee had a great fall.
All the queen’s chamchas and all the PM’s men
Couldn’t put Indian Rupee together again.

Terrorists had come for a chota mota blast.
Vadra is a chota mota farmer.
It’s a chota mota scam.
Manmohan is a chota mota economist.

Expert: The Indian economy is a Tiger!
Citizen: Save the Tiger!

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

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