#IfCBIRaids #CowardKejriwal…

Kejriji should be appointed the JAGPal of India.
Judge Advocate General and Lokpal.

They unleashed every investigative agency against Modi for a decade.
Now when Haters are merely “summoned” or “probed” they start crying!

Anonymous troll talks nonsense.
—Modi is responsible!
Delhi Chief Minister abuses.
—Ye bechaara kaam ka maara, ise chahiye hamara sahara.

All those accusing Modi of being a criminal are suddenly getting chargesheeted, summoned or arrested left, right and centre.
P.S. Evidence is solid, to vendetta rone se koi faayada nahin.

Hug Lalu.
Quiet on National Herald.
Anger on anti-corruption raids.
What is this now…
India For Corruption?

Sonia—Me Supreme Leader.
Kejri—Me Supreme Leader.
Sonia—Can’t summon me.
Kejri—Can’t raid me.
Sonia—Me super clean.
Kejri—Me hyper clean.

Some Congress haters will back Modi.
Some Modi haters will back Congress.
All (Modi + Congress) haters will always back Kejri.
Uska life set hai.

Kejri’s new ‪#‎OddEvenFormula‬
He’ll attack Modi on odd days and attack Modi and even days.
‪#‎AdarshLiberals‬ + Congress: LOL! We’ve been doing that since 2002!

If there was no Modi then maybe Prime Minister Pappu and Leader of Opposition Kejri would have been shouting and supporters clashing 24X7.

Kejri did power meter cutting drama, became CM.
Did dharna drama, got 67/70 seats.
I’m sure this Twitter drama will get him something.

When a Nehru-Gandhi Dynast is born, he comes with a stamp “Future Prime Minister”.
Kejri was born with the stamp “Mr Clean For Life”.

How it actually is…
2011—Every politician is corrupt.
2012—Whatever I say is always true.
2015—I am a politician.

How Kejri wants it…
CBI—Sirji main aapko raid karne aau?
Accused—Nahin main busy hu, agle mahine aana.
CBI—OK sir, sorry to disturb you.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

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