How to spin Modi’s electoral triumphs…

News: BJP single largest party in Delhi Assembly.
Spin: Kejriwal beats Modi in Delhi! Can be PM!

News: BJP storms Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.
Spin: That’s actually Vasundhara and Shivraj!

News: First non-Congress single party to get absolute majority in Lok Sabha.
Spin: 31%.

News: First non-Congress to get 100+ seats in Maharashtra Assembly.
Spin: Missed the majority! Modi wave gone. Brahmin CM!

News: First BJP government in Haryana.
Spin: First non-Jat Chief Minister!

News: BJP increases tally in J&K from 11 to 25.
Spin: Missed the majority! Modi wave gone.

News: BJP first-ever party to get majority in Jharkhand.
Spin: Missed the majority in J&K! Modi wave gone.

© Sunil Rajguru

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