How Kejri has travelled a million miles in U-turns…

Rants against politicians.
Becomes politician.

Rants against Congress.
Takes support of Congress.

Rants against Lalu.
Joins hands with Lalu.

Rants against chargesheeted legislators.
Starts collecting chargesheeted MLAs.

Rants against political ads.
Gives record political ads.

Rants against paid news.
Gives ads which look like paid news.

Rants against high politicians hiking their salaries.
Gives himself and cronies four-fold salary hikes.

Rants against perks and privileges.
Takes record perks and privileges.

Rants against mainstream media.
Makes friends with mainstream media and utilizes it fully.

Rants against abuse and violence.
Uses abuse and violence.

Rants against caste and minority politics.
Milks caste and minority politics to the full.

Rants against misogynists.
Goes on a midnight dharna to support a misogynist.

Rants against secrecy and lack of transparency.
Takes the very same route.

Rants against tokenism.
Makes tokenism the cornerstone of his policy.

Rants against lazy politicians.
Takes no portfolio and keeps taking breaks.

Rants against politicians not taking responsibility.
Keeps passing the buck.

Rants against corruption.
Still ranting against corruption without doing anything.

Praises democracy to the hilt.
Behaves like a dictator.

Complains that Modi refuses to meet him.
Refuses to meet many of his own party men.

Says he’s an aam aadmi.
Behaves like a super khaas aadmi.

Complains of abuse on Twitter.
Abuses himself.

Tells all politicians to behave themselves.
Keeps ranting rudely in public against anyone.

Talks of farmer suicides…
…even though there are no farmers in Delhi and one mysteriously died in his rally.

Talks of being a messiah of the middle class.
Concentrates on the lower class for votes.

Says he’s going to change the system.
Anarchy is all he has.

Flays politicians for giving false promises.
Gives even more false promises himself.

Calls Anna Hazare his guru.
Dumps him at first available opportunity.

Rants against Modi using private planes.
Takes one immediately after that.

Calls Sheila Dixit corrupt and says he’ll take action.
People still waiting.
(In fact waiting for Kejri to do something really good is like Waiting for Godot.)

Ranted so much against the cold selfish establishment.
Has become the cold selfish establishment.

And he still has tonnes of supporters.

© Sunil Rajguru

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