Hate Modi. Hate India. Hate Development. Hate Governance.

Sonia. 0% qualifications. 0% ideas. 0% attacked.
Lalu. 0% governance. 0% development. 0% attacked.
Modi. 100% development. 100% ideas. 100% attacked.

Minor difference…
People protested non-stop under UPA2.
Intellectuals protesting non-stop under Modi.

Think it over…
They have a problem with Supreme Court clearing an Indian (Modi).
They have a problem with Supreme Court convicting a Pakistani (Kasab).

1. Modi—When I become Prime Minister, all my opponents will be on the streets.
2. Congress and media protest on the streets.
3. Modi—Not at all what I meant, but I will take it anyway!

Terrorist: I confess!
Sessions court: He’s guilty.
HC: He’s guilty.
SC: He’s guilty.
President: No pardon.
‪#‎AdarshLiberal‬: Murder! Innocent!
#AdarshLiberal 1: I allege that Modi is…
#AdarshLiberal 2: Guilty! Hang him!

Verdict: We love him!
Verdict: Hang him based on totally unproven and hateful allegations!

Modi versus all other politicians.
Arnab versus all other journalists.
Communism versus all other ideologies.

Modi ‪#‎MakeInIndia‬.
Opponents ‪#‎BeefcakeInIndia‬.
Pappu ‪#‎BrakeInIndia‬.
Communists ‪#‎BreakInIndia‬.
Kejri ‪#‎FakeInIndia‬.

Sonia is India’s Worst politician and Modi India’s Best.
MSM Loves Sonia and Hates Modi.
Then asks: We are the Best not the Worst, so why are we Hated, not Loved?

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

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