Free Speech musings…

· Online: Comment. Go to jail. Like. Go to jail. Share. Go to jail. Draw cartoon. Go to jail. Criticize. Go to jail. Joke. Go to jail. (OR Get blocked).
Offline: Murder. Be free. Rape. Be free. Scam. Be free. Threaten. Be free. Riot. Be free.

· India is a country where making fun of a criminal on Twitter or Facebook makes you a criminal.

· Instead of Free News: Paid News.
Instead of Free Speech: Paid Speech, meaning you pay a heavy price if you exercise your right of Free Speech in India.

· Free Railways WiFi will come with the message…
This bandwidth is brought to you by the Congress.
You aren’t allowed to criticize us.
Have a safe journey and avoid Section66A!

· If there was an offline version of Section 66A for politicians, all of them would have been in jail by now.

· Do you believe in Free Speech?
Hillary Clinton: No I believe in Expensive Speech.
(5 speeches per million dollars, to be exact!)

© Sunil Rajguru

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