Food Security Bill musings…

Last night my mother came from AIIMS and hugged me and cried and said: Food Bill is poison!

Financial Suicide Bill.
For Sonia’s Benefit.
Food Scam Bud.
Fultu Sop Bill.
(20)Fourteen Securing Bill.
Fatal Sensex Bear.

Teach a man to fish and lose votes forever.
Feed a man fish every day and get voted in every election.
= Sone pe Suhaaga.

Bhookh sabko lagti hai,
gala sabka sookhta hai,
Food Bill ke aage jeet hai…
#Congress #2014Polls

Ze Food Bill eez vote’s most imporetant!

UPA3: Sell India.
UPA4: Why not? Check voting patterns.

(F)u(S)e for an economic (B)omb.

Freebies fekte chalo,
Doles fekte chalo,
Funde fekte chalo,
Fir governance ko fekte chal bano,
Aakhir main Opposition candidate ko Feku bolo.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

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