Communism and JNU musings…

Communism promises 100% and delivers 0%.
Capitalism promises 50% and delivers 25%.

We produce political leaders.
We conduct political rallies.
We shout slogans.
We take on the Right Wing.
We rage.
And studying? What’s that? LOL!

Marx 1848.
Lenin 1917.
Mao 1948.
Basu 1977.
Mamata 2010.
Kejri 2013.
Kanhaiya 2016.
Communism can fool you and fool you and fool you…

Idea of Dynasty.
Idea of Sonia.
Idea of Pappu.
Idea of Communism.
Idea of Naxalism.
Idea of anti-Indianism.
Anything but Idea of India.

Jaitley-Gadkari are ex-ABVP.
1000 times greater chance that ABVP will produce PM than AISF.
So give 1000 times more coverage to Kanhaiya!

The Intolerance Trilogy…
2014: Fellowship of Intolerance. (Post LS polls)
2015: Two Towers of Intolerance. (Delhi & Bihar polls)
2016: Return of Intolerance. (Multi-State polls)

Advani will stop him!
Result: Margdarshak Mandal.
Kejri will stop him!
Result: 4/543.
Hardik will stop him!
Result: Jailed indefinitely.
Kanhaiya will stop him!
Result: Coming soon.

Congress versus CPM.
The ultimate Battle of the Losers.

Chautala took bail for one thing and then started campaigning in polls.
Bail cancelled.
Will same thing now happen to Kanhaiya?

1. Do politics instead of studying.
2. Practise destructive Communism.
3. Organize anti-India event.
4. Get arrested.
Become national hero!!!

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

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