BJP-Congress musings…

∙ How to successfully handle a scam worth “Lakh Crores”: Congress.
How to hopelessly bungle a scam worth mere lakhs: BJP.

∙ Indian media rules…
When the BJP makes a little mistake, magnify it.
When the Congress makes a big mistake, hide it.
A Dynasty mistake? Go deaf, mute and blind!

∙ Veerappan was caught. So was Prabhakaran. Even Osama. But hell will freeze over much before a Congress leader gets convicted for scams.

∙ Rats win the rat race. Cons win the Congress.

∙ In 1922, Mahatma Gandhi went to jail for his writing in Young India.
In 2012, Swamy wants Rahul Gandhi to go to jail for bad underwriting in Young Indian.

∙ So it’s no longer a Boycott JPC Party.

∙ We gave the Mughals 231 years, the East India Company 101 years and the British Raj 89 years. That way the Congress has ruled India for only 52 years. They need a little more time.

∙ Nitin Gadkari: Swami Vivekananda = +1. Dawood Ibrahim = -1.
Media: 1=1! Vivekananda=Dawood! Pakad liya! Yippee!!!

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

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