#AgustaWestlandScam musings…

Good ole days.
It feels as if the Congress is still in power at the Centre and doing scams upon scams.

The Congress now has more “major scams” than MPs in the Lok Sabha.
(Minor scams probably more than its MLAs all across India!)

The Peter Principle is total nonsense.
Sonia rose at least 100 levels above her competency levels.

Congress also has an Odd-Even scheme.
On Odd days, it scams.
On Even days, it scams.

No coincidence that the most highlighted phrase of ‪#‎Choppergate‬ is Sonia’s “I am not afraid of anyone!”
People still scared.

‪#‎AgustaWestland‬ is indeed the mother of all scams.

Clutching at straws…
We are at rock bottom. The only way is up.
We are at one level below rock bottom. The only way is up.

Congress in power defends Congress scams.
Congress in opposition goes on offensive over Congress scams.
Media will always blast BJP.

Lalu may be convicted.
Sonia may be chargesheeted.
MMS may sign papers leading to scams.
But only allegations against Modi have to be outraged 24X7.

2015—Parliament disrupted over ____
2016—Parliament disrupted over ____
2017—Parliament disrupted over ____
Fill in the blanks with anything you want.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

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