Does anyone use Sloan’s Balm?

DSC_0177When I was small, I had a sprain that wouldn’t heal. My relative told me that there was a balm that was extremely painful and extremely effective and he’d recommend it to me if I was up to it. It was a brutal “one-day” solution. I didn’t know what he meant but I said yes all the same. He handed me a yellowish-orange extremely smelly balm and told me to use it sparingly or else face the consequences. I put in on and rubbed it and wondered what the fuss was all about. Then I felt a mild burning sensation. It steadily got hotter and hotter and my relative was looking at me amusingly from the corner of the eye.

fire-8837_960_720Then suddenly my hand caught fire! (Or at least it felt that way) I could hardly bear the pain and I didn’t know how to describe it. It was as if a dozen hot needles had been poked in my hand or simply someone had poured kerosene on it and set it on fire. The hand got hotter and hotter and I simply felt I would faint! My relative calmly told me to hold on. It would eventually go away. Eventually meant a few hours and in that time, nothing else mattered. No house. No relative. No work. No thoughts. It was me and my burning hand. By evening, the burning started receding, just like a fire that had been put out with embers steadily cooling. I felt a tingling even as I slept.

sunrise-3533173_960_720When I got up in the morning, I was totally OK. And despite the pain, I was converted for life. As my relative said, “Use other balms 10 times, use this one only once.” But I can see why it’s unpopular. It smells. It leaves stains on your clothes. And of course, it burns like hell. My wife can’t stand the sight of the bottle and says that I’ve used it so many times, that my body is probably immune. When I have multiple body aches, she calls it a Sloan’s Bath. Though my wife did inform me that her grandmother uses something more potent and rare called Sloan’s Liniment. I was mighty impressed.

I have recommended it to people with adverse reactions. Once when my late sister was limping for days, I gave her a bottle. The next day morning I got a firing.

My leg burnt. I couldn’t sleep all night. I got out of bed at 2am. I put my leg in running cold water. I kept it in a bucket for one hour…

When she finished pacing up and down with her tirade, I pointed to her leg. She was no longer limping. She was cured. “But the pain wasn’t worth it,” she said and stormed off.

Once I gave it to my flat-mate and watched in horror as he took a huge amount and started massaging his leg with it. I warned him of the consequences but he wouldn’t listen. He said something to the effect of “Mard ka bachcha” (Loosely translated to mean “son of a macho man”). My friends and I watched as he sat sure that nothing would happen. Then the tingling started and the pain multiplied. My friend got up started pacing around. He was putting a brave face and having difficulty in controlling his pain. Then he let out a scream and started heaping choicest abuses on Mr Sloan and his extended family.

road-3699397_960_720As all of us watched the comic scene, he suddenly picked up the bottle and threw it out of the window with all his might. I ran to the window fearfully, for it faced the main road. If it hit a passing motorist then broken glass and Sloan’s would combine to unleash such pain, that the motorist would surely file a case of attempted murder. Luckily, it had fallen safely into the ground. I could only hope no man or animal would poke its nose into it. I realized that I couldn’t recommend it again to anyone.

pharmacy-218692_960_720It is also a tough task shopping for it. If I go to 10 medical shops, then 5 shopkeepers are sure to look at me as if I’m speaking some foreign language. When I finally do get a bottle, the shopkeeper opens his notebook and scribbles. (Customer came and bought the entire stock (1 bottle) of Sloan’s Balm) I’m serious, when I ask for a second bottle, I don’t get it.

chili-499062_640I read somewhere that Sloan’s has capsaicin, which is an essential component of chili pepper. That explains it. If you eat chili pepper, you’ll feel as if your throat is on fire. If you use a balm which has a chili pepper component, you’ll feel as if your body part is on fire…

Hello, is there anybody out there… anybody using Sloan’s Balm?

More importantly, does anybody want to use Sloan’s?

Sloans LinimentPost Script (On November 16, 2020)…

I posted this piece more than 10 years ago and it is my most viewed and commented upon one by far. I am surprised at how that happenened and the comments still come in. In fact in the first few years, whenever you would Google Search “Sloan’s Balm”, this would be the very first entry! Since then it has been sliding steadily downward. It appears that there is a small but dedicated group of Sloan’s Balm users in this world. Meanwhile they finally changed the design and the logo of the bottles and I also finally managed to lay my hands on Sloan’s Liniment! So now I have options for both the balm and liniment to take care of my various aches and pains as I grow older. Despite its relative obscurity it appears that it is still alive and kicking well into the 2020s!

© Sunil Rajguru

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  2. Anu: Best of luck!
    And if you like it, then welcome to the club in advance!

  3. I’d like to try it out Sunil. Where did you get it? I have atleast five varieties of pain balms with me – icy rub, bengay, moov, iodex and tiger balm.

  4. Avinash: There are some medical shops with a reputation of keeping a wide variety of medicines. Usually they have it. I have bought the balm in Bangalore, Delhi, Jodhpur… so I’m sure it’s available all over India. Like there’s one place near my home which always has it.
    Anu: Definitely worth a try at least once!

  5. I have been using it since a long time. First time I used it in liniment form in 1965, when I was 22 yr. old. Later on shopkeeper showed me the balm too and I liked it as it is convenient to carry and use. My advice ” use it with care and in small quantities, do not rub violently.”

  6. sir where can i get sloan’s liniment in chennai? If you know please send list of places. I will be much thankful if you send details as early as possible thank you.

  7. Ragavan: I don’t think Sloan’s Liniment is available any more. The balm is kept by most large medical shops.

  8. I used Sloan’s balm as well as Sloan’s leniment when I was young and vouch for it that they are ultimate for what they are meant for.

    Doeas any one knows of their availibility in I India?

    Please do let me know. Would be ever grateful.

    Thank you


  9. Wooohooooo go sloan’s balm ! We’re a family of headaches and use sloan’s balms lots. its awesome.

  10. Raj: Most of the large Indian medical stores stock it.
    Aditi: Good to hear that! Lagate raho, aur Sloan’s balm zindabad!

  11. Sloan’s is a great and time tested solution to low back pain, stiff neckand muscle sprains etc. Both balm and liniment are available in India. In case you are facing difficulties in finding it near your home, you can call their customer care number 022-25784538 and request them to help out.

  12. I have used SLOAN’s balm. It was extremely effective. I am searching it. Can any one help me to know where I will be able to get it in Bangalore? Kindly give me a call or SMS me.
    Very URGENT please. My mother has knee injury.She is badly in need of it. Kindly do the needful.

    -Dayanand Naik,Bangalore, 9481183693

  13. I too used it once, and who gave it to me; none other than my dad… Bole, “Kuchh der to chain se baithega, ek jagah tik-kar…” Zindagi-bhar woh waqt nahin bhool sakta… Uske baad kabhi istemaal nahin kiya… :-)

  14. Prashant: Thanks.
    Dayanand: Hope you got it by now. Usually the big stores keep it.
    Vivek: LOL!

  15. Yes u r right!I have used it once and had this thrilling experience After that i gave it to mother i am still suffering repercussions of that event after that she thrown that bottle outside my house But i agrees fully that “Only MARD ka baccha can use this !!!”

  16. Aslam O alaikum 2 all my mother used Sloan’s Balm kils pain cream 25 yearago now she need it but i dont know how I can find it .if some one help me about this cream plz send me Sms or call me I live in Pakistan Peshawar city contect me 00923349123482

  17. hello everyone… i have used it so many times. i like it’s heat reaction. i use sloan balm during my martial arts practice many times. if u use it and u can’t endure it then u can do littlebit exersice or some physical work . it is normal in my club… thanx

  18. Hi dear,

    Its very popular, dun ask for solan’s but munchon (mustaches) wala oil / balm. My dad is authorised distributor and have been selling it since 1980. Juss ask for muncho wala tail. But use it with care

  19. PLEASE GIVE ME ADDRESS AT BHUBANESWAR WHERE I SHALL GET 20 GRAMM BOTTLES.I BADLY NEED.At different occasion I have used and got relief.last 20 years I was getting from Delhi based shop where one of my friend was there.Please help in sending me address or send material by VPP.
    Er.Prasanna dash
    HIG-2-17 Kapila prasad
    BDA colony,Bhubaneswar

  20. Hello,1 of my friend used sloan’s balm for losing fat and that was the most hilarious day. Our GYM instructor suggested him either he (my friend) start running him self 6-7 KM every day or he will give him that “he call it jaadu ka danda” ,but he ignored his warning,and stay lazy in gym.One day in the morning session GYM instructor gave him to apply that balm and told him that he will lose fat after applying it for continuously 15 days.After 15 minutes my friend started running inside the gym as if someone has put fire in his butt’s,started putting water on him self have the bath in the gym and started shouting after putting water on himself, we all were laughing and laughing as if we will never stop and our stomach started aching. After next 15 min GYM instructor told him to have jogging in the near by stadium because only sweat can control that burn.That day my friend run continuously for 1.5 Hrs.
    i can forgot that days and yes within 15 days he lost 7 Kg weight.

  21. Rahul: This is hilarious! You should convert this to a full-fledged blog post!
    Rohit: You have got your answer!

  22. yes i have used it 2-3 time now i have some left in the bottle.
    The balm was recived by my father when he was in the army and he kept one bottle for himself and one for future and you dont belive the second bottle after15 years are still have and yes it work.

    No one like this.
    i have search a lot but i cant find it if anyone find it please inform me.

  23. I remember using the liniment as a kid whenever I would sprain my ankles or the wrist. Was great to see the balm and bought it only to revive the childhood memories:-) Now trying to convince my husband to use it on a regular basis for the backache that he has!

  24. Still going strong… it had very famous radio ad as follows……. Muchowali balm lagana mardon ka kaam Sloan balm… sloan balm… sloan balm… :)

  25. I play badminton daily and my shoulder ache is getting worse… I’ve just applied this balm and was checking it online.. so far so good.. no unbearable burning..

  26. Only last night I got out to hunt for it and luckily found it was somehow available at my nearest med shop. I had first known it in my child hood (in 60′s) through my father and recalled years after because of immense pain my spouse was complaining of in her ankle bone. It did not work wonders and may perhaps need to be used for sometime. Still a remedy of its class.

  27. When I was just started High School everybody pushed me to try volleyball because of my height. My first serve, I sprained my wrist and had unbearable pain. By the time I got home from school the swelling had gotten worse.I saw Sloan’s balm placed on my fridge and applied it generously on my sprained wrist. My brother had warned me about it. But to my surprise my wrist was sprained so bad that I could hardly feel the burning of this balm. The wrist was alright by next morning. :) Its been 15 years since then and I haven’t dared touch a volley ball :P

  28. Hi Sunil

    I was in NDA Pune in early nineties and can vouch for it that it was the only thing that worked there cause our Military instructors never gave our bodies enough time to heal on its own. Now i am settled abroad but every time anyone visits India, i ask for a bottle of it, lol

  29. Veeber: I missed that ad! Never saw one on TV too.
    Anonymous: Did it finally help you with your badminton?
    SK Verma: So I guess it does not work uniformly on everyone!
    Anonymous: Wow, that’s a pretty fast volleyball hurt cure.
    Amit: Yeah, NDA has one of the toughest regimens in the world, so I guess if it can cure you, it can cure anyone.

  30. I am trying to lose weight, and my trainer told me to use it on my stomach for losing belly fat and let me tell you… It wsnt a good experience. I had to rush home n had to tke a shower to get rid of tht burning balm. I ws literally in tears.

  31. Neha: Sounds bad, though I haven’t heard of it being used for losing weight.
    Dev: Nothing. You have to bear it!

  32. In delhi it is available at almost every shop and is called MUCCHAD (मुच्छड़) balm in common language due to big moustache of the man on label. It is relieving but i didnt have much burning sensation after i used it for my frozen shoulder

  33. Once my uncle ws having. Headache … N he used this balm to overcome the. Pain. Bt his bad luck …he ws Nt able to sleep …in the end he finally gave up n washed it off his forehead….

    I use it some times as a motivation to run more apply a bit on thighs ..m sure the burning sensation will overcome the pain n tiredness of running …cheers to the slaon balm victims …;-)

  34. Abeer: You are an exception!
    Priyesh: First time I’ve heard it for a headache! It must really burn when you run though.

  35. I had a neck strain about a year or two back, due to incorrect sleep posture, and one of my colleagues recommended Sloan’s balm. He said he used to use it whenever he sprained during Gym sessions. He warned me that it was very sharp and would give burning sensation but it very useful. I used it fearfully and to my surprise, like Abeer, I had no burning sensation. It did, however, cure the pain in just one application!!! Prior to it I had used Volini as well as Moov, but nothing had helped much.

    I got the same prob again 2 days back and I had completely forgotten about Sloan… hit me today and I got myself the 20g bottle. I will try the liniment next. Thankfully they’re both available at the chemist near my place (in Gurgaon).

  36. Great to hear that. You are a breed apart. Very few people report no burning sensation.

  37. John: Is it not available outside Asia?
    Mankiran: My God! That sounds terrible!

  38. I am the latest victim of Sloan’s! And…do I love it.? It is working like a charm. My palm feels as though inserted in a spewing volcano; waiting for the cooling effect in 10 hours :)

    Bonus: A massage with heated (wicked hot) salt in a pouch works magic. Maybe have a few Menasinakai-Molagai-Mirpaku bajji too! LOL

  39. Beautiful dawaii made by Sloans. Very nice very effective but the price u have to pay is in fire. All through my sporting carrier I have used it. But one thing nobody gets immunue to it. Every time is the first time and u have to face its wrath. In sloans balm the jalapenos r always ready with live bichoos

  40. I am from bangalore and that balm price is 54 INR in medical shop.

    I am a body builder, I am habitual of pains, and I do use that Balm when I get the muscle stretch/pain.

  41. I have applyed it just now for the second time and came online to check for how long is it gonna burn. Its 1.40am already. Really it works wayyyyyy better than any balm available in India. And yeah i’m a body builder trying to fix my elbow pain due to heavy lifting. I think its golfers elbow but still counting on Sloans. Incredible punishment that can be offered to any big criminal, even painfull than life sentence or hanged to death.

  42. Hey everyone!
    Well I’ve used this balm like once or twice when I feel a strain or sprain while my workout in the gym but presently I’m having a very bad sprain in my wrist which goes way up to the index finger.
    Believe it or not this balm has almost cured it in two days time which moov and other stuff couldn’t even in a week time plus I workout regularly so it’s an added challenge to this balm efficacy still it works like a charm.
    I apply it sparingly twice a day & cover it up with a crepe bandage every time,it burns even more that way but works manifold!

  43. Hi! My name is Sachin and i am a fitness freak.
    Today morning when i was working out in gym, i got a terrible sprain below my right shoulder.
    Somehow i managed to complete my work out and as i was leaving the gym, a friend of mine asked me… What happened? (as she could figure it out that something is wrong with me) i told her about the sprain and she immediately pulled this balm out of her gym bag and asked me to apply it right away. As soon as i applied the balm, i realised something different about this thing.
    It burned but not that much (this is the reason that why i am writing this) which others have narrate in this forum.
    Got some relief in pain but the sprain is still there as i couldn’t move my neck properly.

  44. I am using this balm and it’s really effective and it does burn like hell and but it’s working like magic for my disc problem thank you Mr. Solan

  45. It is very effective. I had backache and i was recommende Sloan balm however i was advised to use it with a less effective gel therefore whenever I or my close relative use it , I always advice them to mix a part of it with some other Gel{dichlofenic gel in my case} and then massage it on the affected part/joint. It has always helped and is usually available on Medical stores. Usually avoid using it in the night since it wont let u sleep, We can massage it in the evening and during the day for sure…

  46. The best balm i have ever used , my mother is the biggest fan of this balm even this time i have purchased the liniment of salon’s

  47. Robert: Sloan’s + salt + massage + bhajji = Something which I cannot even imagine!
    Vipin: That’s an interesting theory.
    Harbinder: Yeah even I wondered that. Many other balms lose their effectiveness with non-stop usage though Sloan’s is different.
    Adi: But it lasts long. By the time you buy a new bottle, the price would have invariably gone up.
    Gary: True! But I guess it works out in the end. As the cliche goes… No pain, no gain!
    Vishvesh: Yeah, even I’ve tried the crepe bandage method and boy does it burn and last more!
    Sachin: OK, that’s rare. Guess it can’t have 100% effectiveness.
    Anon: Interesting to see it works on disc problems too.
    Anon: Mixing with gel is also a new one!
    Anon: Is the linament still available?
    Dipankar: Yeah, I once tried it for a headache too.
    Ginni: Nearly half the chemists stock it. So if I usually ask around at 3-4 chemists, I get it. I have bought it from all over India.

  48. I am using this balm from the past one week every dal it’s dam hot and spicy feeling and sensation on the skin is superb but it leaves the skin red coloured …All in all its powerful but easily I could tolerate the effects after applying

  49. I am using Sloan’s balm for past many years. I have found that it can be made mild and its burning sensation can be reduced to a tolerable limit by mixing it with Vaseline (petroleum jelly). The proportion of balm and Vaseline can be adjusted according to your tolerance and acuteness of pain.

  50. I used it in the year 1963 for a foot sprain. It burnt
    like hell.I had to dilute the liniment with til Oli.
    Now it is 2018 ,almost 55 years back. I did not
    use it again.Last year I gave the bottle to a friend
    telling him all I could. I didn’t ask him if he used it.
    But one thing I must admit, it is wonderful
    pain killer. You use it only once.

  51. Hi my name is Rockey and I used to use this when I was in the Air Force. This balm is only available in the north. Here in kochi I’ve searched many places for it and all medical shop people would give me a look as if I’m an alien from outer space. No one knows what it is here. I would definitely want a few bottles. If anyone could help me out I’m ready to pay all expenses.

  52. J.R. Mehta: This is quite interesting. I never heard of this before. Maybe I’ll also try the same.
    Anonymous: Wow! 1963! That’s the oldest usage I heard.I read that it used to be a horse liniment in the 19th century! WOnder how the horses reacted!
    Rockey Binu: LOL! But strange. I have found it in Bangalore, so I guess it’s not all South.

  53. Sunil,

    I remember using it while in sports (more like to cut short our warming up routines) while in the Air Force. But, honestly I haven’t seen or heard of it in shelves of medical shops around (I stay in Chandigarh). Just happened to remember it and was about to search for it online when came across your page.

  54. Well here’s an update. Scouted around yesterday for good ol S.B. Found one 20 gms pack at my Chemist (easily). Used it later in the evening.

    Two things… is it brought back memories…..the other is…. I waited and waited for the famed burning sensation to happen……well it just didn’t, wouldn’t …..probably I’ve grown used to or immune to the famed ‘Capsicum Extract’ !!

  55. Idk but its not effective anymore. I have a 20gr pack which will expire in Dec, 2019.My mum also used the same, and to our surprise this wasn’t effective anymore – no burning sensation, nor pain relief. So I went to chemist to get a new pack, which I did today. New pack has a manufacture date of Dec, 2017 and is set to exp by Nov, 2020. Unfortunately, even this one lacked the burning sensation. Going by the composition, nothing has changed.

    I think time has come to switch to other brands :(
    Location: Delhi

  56. @ Aditya Naithani
    I guess you’re right….the much feared and equally discussed burning isn’t the same anymore. I’ve been using this 20 gms pack for a week now…..even cautioned a first-time user gym-rat acquaintance about not over doing the application part…..seemingly in vain…..

    Something definitely seems to have changed in the formula I guess.

    Anyone seconding my observations?

  57. Allen & Aditya
    Same here. With each passing year, the burning is getting less and less. I guess you have already said it.
    Either we are getting immune to it.
    Or they are diluting the balm with the passage of time.
    Difficult to know sitting in India as there is such very little presence of the company in India.
    Guess only someone near HQ would know.

  58. The Sloan’s balm and Liniment are now available at almost all chemist outlets in India. You could call on the customer care number 1800229898 in case you’re unable to find it in your city. They will help you get it.

  59. Hi, I’m 40 and I grew up using salon’s balm! It was my mom’s hot recipe for every aches that we had while playing. In the middle years it was out of Market perhaps! But last few years it’s again available though with difficulty! Now I’m using it again as experimental treatment for (now it’s secret) and not surprisingly it’s effective!! It could’ve been a million dollar industry!!

  60. I use it. My dad bought it from a nearby medical shop when I was having a headache. I couldn’t even bear the hotness for 5 mins so I washed forehead with cold water. Now I use it for back pains or to get rid of muscle pull but never on my forehead again.

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  62. Hey Sloanians!

    I used it to cure my postpartum swollen feet, works like magic. Say what, I’m recommending this to all other new moms. I tried every possible cure to reduce the pain and swelling, only Sloan’s worked overnight!

  63. I used it once when i was 10 and has sprained my ankle from monkeying around climbing trees. My Grandma gave it to me with ample warning. Used it jumped around cursing her but next day up and about climbing trees. Now 40 years hence i always make sure I buy a dozen large bottles everytime I am in India. It helps super with my lower backache.

  64. I too used it on my knee and had severe burning sensation. After googling for an hour “how to get rid of burning sensation” I reached ur page and read it capsaicin.. And it ended my search…. Got my knee a raw milk bath and in an instant fire faded away.

  65. Anonymous1: It’s back in the market under a new design. Also, ya I am surprised how it is not as lucrative as it could be, especially in India.

    Anonymous2: I heard it was good for headaches, but again tough to put it on the forehead. Even the eyes water a lot.

    Anonymous3: I like the term Sloanians! It’s a small group but I guess they swear by it!

    Uday Rau: That’s a nice initiation!

    Yash: Hehe, that’s an interesting tip. Raw milk bath!!!

  66. I bought a bottle last week. Had used it 10 years back when was very effective and gave a burning sensation. But looks like they have diluted it now. Looking for any other balm like this containing capsaicin!

  67. Oh really! I hadn’t noticed. Over the years, the burning has become less. I attributed it to my resistance.

  68. I had 12 bottles delivered last month extremely disappointed that they have diluted the formula. Total waste of money considering I paid 4 times the product cost in shipping and customs. 8bhave to find a replacement. No more Sloas balm for me.

  69. i have been using this since 84 for football injuries. i swear by it and never failed me. i call is solans bomb, but yes it seems its diluted now.

  70. Yesterday i purchased because of it manufactured by piramal
    Then my wife applied it at 8pm on feet joint then it performed wilderness and she scolded me it is an acid based she feels like burning sensation then I looked for it in internet I found your valuable narration then applied ice packs ponds cold cream running 18* AC machine then it gives relief at 2AM
    Thanks for your information. I lives in Vijayawada AP it is totally new for us
    Thanks Sir

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