The effects of the US Presidential elections…

Left ecosystem has total meltdown.
Dems running like headless chickens.
US companies trying to stay.
He’s not even President yet.

Till 2013 Left held upper hand.
2014-16—Right won it all.
2017—Uncharted territory.
#FrançoisFillonVsMarineLePen #RightVsFarRight

If California secedes within the next 4 years, then Hillary will become the founding President of the new country.

If California seceded within the next 4 years, Trump’s Electoral College vote victory becomes 306-177 and popular vote 58.3-56.6 million.

Jill Stein just got Democrat supporters to fund the Green Party.
She’s a genius.
#RecountDrama #USPolls

If Romney becomes Secretary of State, it’ll be a hat-trick of…
Failed Presidential bid–>Secretary of State.
#Kerry2004 #Hillary2008 #Romney2012

After Republican party was formed, 4 Presidents have lost the popular vote but won the Electoral College.
All 4 were Republicans.
#Hayes #Harrison #Bush #Trump

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

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