Do the TV Royals have the worst security in the history of fictional monarchy?

Reference: The Royals (TV series)  (Caution: Spoilers!)

The Crown Prince is assassinated. The King is knifed to death. The new King spends the first few minutes of his reign being pummeled by the Prince and takes the dead King’s ring with a bloody face. The Prince is kidnapped by his friends just like that. Both the male and female lovers of the Princess are thieves who gain access to her with the click of a finger. The former is even her ex-bodyguard while the latter steals the Kohinoor in a dumb low grade heist. On being caught the Princess instead of throwing them in jail lets them get away as if they’ve merely jumped a traffic signal. She even rewards the thief with her jewellery. The chief of security is a murderer. The new King’s secretary takes flak for the murder of the former King so he can make sure that the real killer will never be caught. The enemies of the monarchy can infiltrate at will even doing fancy light shows in the palace. The Royal Palace is like Waterloo Station during peak time where just about anyone can come in and out. (And they have probably better security too!)

© Sunil Rajguru

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