My Kejriwal-AAP Columns…

Drama queen to Twitter troll: 10 roles Kejriwal excels at
January 15,

Kejriwal and Pappu: A Tale of Two Angry Old Men
January 6,

When Arvind Kejriwal Transformed Into ‘Abusive Troll’
December 15, 2015,

8 reasons why #DelhiOddEvenLogic will totally fail!
December 8,

Why Kejriwal hugging Lalu is good for Aam Aadmi Party
November 23,

Seven reasons to be wary of Somnath Bharti
September 28, 2015,

11 abysmal lows of the Aam Aadmi Party
May 12, 2015,

Show-off New Delhi gets a show-off CM
April 2, 2015,

The many questions over AAP’s death rally
April 25, 2015,

Hello Kejri, what about Delhi?
March 24, 2015,

Why AAP = Akela Arvind Party
March 11, 2015,

How Kejriwal has become the new Lalu!
February 14, 2015,

AAP = Kejriwal’s I, me and myself
January 30, 2015,

When will media balloon around Kejriwal burst?
January 26, 2015,

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